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By Betina on Friday, November 24, 2000 - 09:08 pm: Edit

I am presently back-ordered on La Fee but am
taking names for a waiting list...I will have Deva
70 very soon which has the high alcohol content of
Mari and the taste of Deva..elegant bottle,too...
Betina Elixirs...

By Don_walsh on Wednesday, November 22, 2000 - 05:42 am: Edit

Understood and appreciated.

By Anatomist1 on Tuesday, November 21, 2000 - 04:45 pm: Edit

I'm just thinking that I have a limited amount of absinthe money, and I don't go through the stuff quickly. $30 a bottle is one thing, but $100+ is quite another for me (especially in some cases, when I know the price is 300% or more over the actual retail). I find it very hard to buy expensive things that are not tools, so I will probably only buy one expensive bottle in the next few months. Of course I would eventually like to try any absinthe that is not universally regarded as tasting worse than drain cleaner, but I'm on a fairly strict cost/benefit regimen.


By Don_walsh on Tuesday, November 21, 2000 - 06:28 am: Edit

Isn't Ian (Absinthedriker) helping people stateside get their hands on this, on a casual basis?

By Artemis on Tuesday, November 21, 2000 - 02:08 am: Edit

I think that the order in which you encounter these products (usually by chance) has something to do with how you value them against each other. I was late to the game in trying Swiss La Bleue (after I tried La Fee) and I find the Swiss "cleanness" (I don't know how else to describe it) so refreshing in comparison to other products, including La Fee, that I'm not sure I don't like it better than La Fee. I don't think La Fee is much like Deva, and nothing like Mari Mayans.
As to Betty, I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any La Fee at the moment, but she'll speak for herself, I'm sure, as she's not shy about posting here.

By Marc on Tuesday, November 21, 2000 - 01:20 am: Edit

I am sipping from a glass of La Fee. As I get more familiar with the drink, I am inclined to agree with Don that it has more in common with Mari Mayans and La Bleue than Deva. So, imagine a combination of Mari Mayans and La Bleue, with a wormwood bitterness, and you'll arrive at a rough approximation of how La Fee tastes. I am developing a real appreciation for this drink.

By Don_walsh on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 10:28 pm: Edit

Agreed. La Fee is a good drink. Thsis shouldn't be an either/or proposition, unless this is the only bottle you are ever going to buy.

By Tabreaux on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 09:13 pm: Edit

Even if our products were available now, I'd advise to get a bottle of La Fee. If for no other reason, to improve your perspective.

By _blackjack_ on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 05:51 pm: Edit

Bettina has it.

By Anatomist1 on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 05:10 pm: Edit

Unless Don and Ted's products are coming out within the next month, I would like to get a bottle of La Fee. Does anyone know how I can do this from Wisconsin?


By Marc on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 02:21 pm: Edit

Thanks to a friend of mine in England, I received a bottle of La Fee in the mail today. It arrived at 9:30 in the morning. I could not wait to taste it, so I did something I never do... had a drink before nightfall. As I'm busy getting ready to go to Vegas, my review is short:

It tastes like a combination of Deva and La Bleue,
with a more pronounced wormwood bitterness. La Fee seems to contain less star anise than La Bleue, so, it has a less oily consistency. It louches nicely, not as milky as La Bleue. La Fee's herbal content is more pronounced than Deva.
It certainly is my favorite commercial brand and it may dethrone La Bleue as my favorite overall.

La Bleue evokes Alpine flowers.
La Fee evokes a mystical forest.

After spending some more time with La Fee, I will post a follow-up review.

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