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By Grimbergen on Sunday, November 26, 2000 - 07:53 pm: Edit

Hey. I know this isn't about absinthe, but I think a few of you have some interest in absinthe's cousin.

Over thanksgiving I found this bottle of Macy's Red Star Anisette at my grandmothers. Apparently the bottle had been purchased by my great-grandmother. It was made in Teterboro, N.J. by Red Star Bottling Co. for R.H. Macy Co. I'm guessing that it is 40-50 years old. Any one else have any info on it? It is unopened and has an intact US Internal Revenue tax seal. It has been upright for it's whole life, and subsequently the screw cork has shrunk. When I was transporting it some syrup oozed out. I assume the syrup formed in between the cork and bottle as the water and alcohol evaporated. I have tasted the syrup and it quite wonderful. There is a hazelnut/coffee/cork flavor that first hits you, followed by a weak anis and grenadine flavor. I suspect the hazelnut/coffee/cork flavor was imparted by the cork.

Just thought I would share.

BTW. If anyone has any commercial interest in purchasing this they have a week to respond before I open it. Transportation would be a problem because the cork has shrunk.


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