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By Maddog on Thursday, November 30, 2000 - 09:41 am: Edit

I was in New Orleans for Turkey Day last week and had the opportunity to taste some absinthe from the generous Ted Breaux. I don't think I sampled any absolutely final products but I believe to have gained some idea of what's to come.
I'll preface my description of the goods by stating that I have largely an untrained palate in these matters; I've had Hill's, Deva, Lasala, and Mari Mayans. Ted was a big help in my attempts to discern different flavors in the drinks.
The first absinthe I tasted was the least colored of the three -- nearly clear. We drank with water and no sugar. The louche wasn't as pronounced as Deva or MM but was certainly present. The flavor was crisp and clean with anise at the forefront but not overpowering. The anise was clipped by a subtle and exotic toasted flavor in the aftertaste.
Absinthe #2 exhibited more of a louche and had a soft green color to it. The flavor was mostly anise. Ted let me know that this absinthe is the core of a final product which will be drier than what I tasted.
Ted saved the best for last; Absinthe #3 was a barrage on the senses. Same green color as Absinthe #2 with a nice louche -- still not as opaque as Deva or MM. It gave a complex bouquet with a delicate harmony of flavors on the tongue. Anise was prominent and I detected what I thought to be a flavor that I find overpowering in green Chartreuse but balanced here.
Overall a very pleasant evening with the Fairy. I did not experience any of the lethargy one would expect after having several shots of high proof liquor. Thanks again, Ted!


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