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By Chrysippvs on Thursday, November 16, 2000 - 10:39 pm: Edit

Thanks to Peter I managed to obtain a sample of the regional absinthe verte named Haut-Doubs #9. After an Atlantic voyage it arrived here this morning and I just got the chance to sample it. After getting though the ever so hard wax sealant on the bottle (had to go to work on it with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch) I got a nice whiff of the aroma. In the nose it is very floral, moreso than the la bleues I have had. The more prominent aroma is that of lemon grass perhaps, I cannot place it. It is the smell of Deva aside from the overpowering badaine. Behind this smell can be detected quite a bit of mint and also a minor anise smell. The aroma is quite unlike any absinthe that I have encountered thus far.

The color is a very faint emerald green. Almost seems to glow in low light, very pleasant if not a bit thin. The louche is rather nice going from this thin emerald green to a very nice opal with an almost eerie green core.

The bouquet is more pronounced upon louche, the anise and mint become more prominent. As far as taste, it has a very nice dry flavor, with that very mild citrus/lemon grass flavor prominent. Quite unlike Serpis however, very different. Perhaps Ted can better identify this flavor. It is very round in the mouth and not at all greasy like Deva or Mari Mayans. It also lacks the antiseptic nature of la bleue. Compared to vintage absinthe it is closer than la bleue and all the Spanish absinthes, although that lemon grass flavor separates it from the three I have had.

All in all a very very pleasant absinthe, better than la bleue in the sense of complexity of flavor and effort (actually colored). I would recommend it over la bleue.

I should have some oxygenne in perhaps tomorrow, although it is hard to say....will post a review when I can.

A final note on the Doubs #9. After making some calls I have traced down a distiller in France that may be willing to produce some of this fine absinthe for BEI. If you are interested let me know, if the demand is there perhaps something can be worked out.

Thanks again Peter

Justin S.


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