Please assist a neophyte with information: deva 70

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By Uncle_willie on Monday, December 11, 2000 - 04:00 am: Edit

After years of rumors and fleeting interest, I have found you. I have studied the pages in the chapel and FAQ, now finally I have direct access to you. It was very clear that in order to sample the green elixer I had to choose a reliable vendor and product.

You all seem to recommend Deva as a good introductory brand, at least averaging all the recommendations available. I was about to procure this, however, in reading the pages of wisdom, I gathered that higher alcohol brews tend to be of higher quality due to more dissolved herbs and greater stability over time.

I now see a 70% Deva available but have not heard any reviews or comments at all on it. Based on the available information, I would expect it to be very good, and have chosen it for my first bottle.

Has anyone tried this yet? I don't see any responses to Betina's post several weeks back so perhaps someone can tell me why... I will be happy to provide my novice opinion of it, but I will have nothing to compare.

Thanks for the help,

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