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By Tabreaux on Thursday, December 14, 2000 - 04:20 pm: Edit

I received a sample of Absinthe Trenet today. The sample was graciously provided to me by Dale of Wine and Spirit International, London. They distribute several brands, including Hapsburg, Dedo, Trenet, etc.

The package arrived well packed and unhindered. Absinthe Trenet is made and bottled in France. It comes in one strength, 60%. The back label includes the following paragraph, "This delicious emerald green spirit with its distinctive spicy herbal taste will remind you of the notorious banned drink in France, of the artistic geniuses of the Quarter Latin in Paris." The ingredients are listed as: alcohol, water, natural aroma, wormwood infusion, colouring E102-E131.

Like Hapsburg and Dedo, Trenet all uses coloring E102-131, which gives a medium to light green color, with just the slightest bit of blue tint.

The aroma is mostly alcohol, with a distinctive hint of something which smells to me similar to what you smell when you open a bag of candy almonds or some sugar-coated confection. Tasting the liqueur neat reveals a very mild anise flavor, with just a slight bitterness behind it. Also, there is a faint taste of something which is like a 'fruity confection', almost like it has just the faintest hint of a something like an orange gumdrop flavor. You can just briefly taste it, and it's gone.

Adding water reveals a slight louche, and again, a mild anise (star anise) and mildly bitter flavor, with just a touch of the slight 'orangy' flavor I mentioned. There is not much I can say to further define the flavor, as it is simple and straightforward.

Like Hapsburg and Tunel, I grade this product as in the same general group as the Czech products, but with a more refined (albeit thin), drinkable light anise flavor. The bitterness is not obtrusive, being slightly less than Hapsburg and Tunel, far less than the typical Czech fare. This is another product I say you could just as easily drink it from the bottle.

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