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By Don_walsh on Saturday, December 16, 2000 - 10:02 am: Edit

Looks a lot like a Galliano or Sambuca bottle. Anyway, assenzio is the Italian for wormwood, and Absinthe is illegal in Italy, but maybe the Italians share the hypocrisy about export with the French? Anyway their hypocrisy, if so it be, is our gain. Maybe Kallisti needs to add Italy to the BG?

By Tabreaux on Friday, December 15, 2000 - 12:03 pm: Edit

No, this is a 20cL. The largest available is 50cL.

By Midas on Friday, December 15, 2000 - 08:34 am: Edit

Thanks, Ted. I had truly never heard of Dedo before this. Out of curiosity, how much do you get in a bottle? Looks like about 70cl.

By Tabreaux on Thursday, December 14, 2000 - 04:46 pm: Edit


By Tabreaux on Thursday, December 14, 2000 - 04:33 pm: Edit

I received a sample of Absinthe Dedo today. The sample was graciously provided to me by Dale of Wine and Spirit International, London. They distribute several brands, including Hapsburg, Dedo, Trenet, etc.

The package arrived well packed and unhindered. Absinthe Dedo comes in a slender triangular bottle with a cork-cap. The bottle is similar to what you see olive oil and such packaged in. The front label has what appears to be a rendition of a Modigliani painting of a woman. The label says, "Absinthe Dedo - Assenzio Italiano". The liqueur is 75% alcohol. The back label gives a story about a model and mistress of Modigliani who spent her money on buying Modigliani his favorite drink (Pallini's Assenzio). It goes on to say that Pallini owned fields of star anise and absinthium, and being a distiller, named his product "Dedo" in honor of Modigliani. This product is produced and bottled in Rome.

I find this interesting, as star anise seems to be sourced entirely from Asia, so perhaps there is some confusion here?

The ingredients are listed as: Alcohol, natural aroma, wormwood infusion, anethole, colouring E102-E131. The color is virtually identical to Absinthe Trenet and Hapsburg.

The aroma is mostly alcohol, with just the slight hint of anise. Tasting the liqueur neat reveals a very pronounced star anise flavor, with only the slightest bitterness faintly behind it.

Adding water reveals a heavy louche, and a profound star anise texture. The flavor is pretty simple and straightforward. This product has much in common to M. Mayans with respect to flavor, and is almost identical to Krut's Karport, with the exception that I detect only the slightest bitterness with Dedo, whereas I really do not with Krut's.

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