Mr Sklar (Absinthe Trenet) looked up the Forum again and answered us !!!!

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By Petermarc on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 09:23 pm: Edit

no, just a glass... it is a excellent product but the pistachio louche and the darker green floater level after water has been added, freaks me out...madame delahaye must have approved this as a tribute to the wacky dyes at the turn of the century...

By Absinthedrinker on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 08:18 pm: Edit

Peter, that's the second to last sip of the glass right? I mean you haven't finished the whole bottle already!

By Petermarc on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 05:33 am: Edit

(takes second to last sip of la fée, thank you, ian...can't think of anything else to say, except it all seems to matter less after a good glass of absinthe)

By Artemis on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 02:21 am: Edit

Thank you, Petermarc. Very good story.

Is the sweat lodge the absinthe forum? Has a troll set fire to the roof? Are we so many dogs, running out into the snow, sniffing among the borrowed fur coats that are our Internet "personalities", hoping to find something we can call our own? Does the troll laugh with glee, out in the desert, under the moon, as he rolls on his back in the putrid remains of a rotting armadillo?

So many questions, so little absinthe.

By Petermarc on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 07:35 am: Edit

ok, now i'm going really off subject...and to clarify, this is a modern interpretation, of what, in my mind, was probably an indian legend...however, the author is modern...lowell jaeger...taken without permission from 'crazy wisdom' by wes nisker, 10 speed press, berkeley ,california...

'why dogs smell each other's butts'

when he asked, the dogs refused him.
you are unclean, they told the coyote,
you are not a dog.
so the dogs undressed for their sweatbath
and entered the sweatlodge without him.
coyote envied the glossy fur coats
the dogs had hung outside the lodge.
he thought of stealing them,
but he decided not to.
instead he threw the long coats
into a great pile,
and wiped his muddy feet across them.
then he set fire to the sweatlodge roof
and said in a loud voice;
'oh what will the dogs do now,
coyote has taken their fur!'
from behind a rock, coyote sat laughing
as the naked dogs rushed
into the cold out-of-doors,
grabbing for a coat,
afraid there might be too few
to cover everyone.
years later, as the story goes,
with every dog zipped in someone else's fur,
dogs smell each other's butts,
looking for their own.
meanwhile coyote is still grinning,
off in the hills somewhere,
rolling in red dirt,
thinking how crude
to be a dog,
how much more clean,
how much more fun
to be coyote.

By Artemis on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 04:03 am: Edit

Is it tribal knowledge; you have to be one of the Indians to be let in on it?

By Petermarc on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 02:40 am: Edit

hmmm...reminds me of the indian legend about why dogs sniff each other's butts...

By Artemis on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 01:50 am: Edit

"Ok, ok, we're all a bunch of snuggly wugglies & misunderstood fluffy bunnies."

Not me. I wear my moth-eaten Grinch suit with pride, even as I sit here, all hot and itchy.
I think the damn thing is woven from Labrador Retriever fur, from an unwashed dog at that, but it helps keep me in the spirit of the season.

By Admin on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 07:25 am: Edit

Ok, ok, we're all a bunch of snuggly wugglies & misunderstood fluffy bunnies.

By Artemis on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 07:24 am: Edit

"Mr Sklar (Absinthe Trenet) looked up the Forum again and answered us !!!!"

More like, answered Artemis.

I wrote a letter to the editor of a large Midwestern newspaper once. His paper had run an article about Elizabeth Taylor. The article contained the line "Miss Taylor said through a spokesperson ... ". I asked the editor how Miss Taylor had pulled off this remarkable feat. Did her heavily mascara-ed spirit take possession of that unfortunate person's tongue, lips, and lungs? Did the person in question sit on Miss Taylor's ample lap, woodenly jerking his or her hinged jaw as he intoned the gospel according the fading goddess of the silver screen? The editor did not see fit to publish my letter, nor did he respond. I guess it's just something I'm going to have to forget.

My, my. So many times, my name in a thread I thought was dead.
It can only mean I was right, wrong, or indifferent. I promise to be much less of all three in the future. The forum will be all sweetness and love without my vituperative mean spiritedness, eh? Check yourselves, you fucking hypocrites. No, not all of you, but you know who you are.

By Don_walsh on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 03:48 am: Edit

Mercy's quality ain't strained.

But, could be worse, you could be in Atlantic City. That makes LV look like Paris. Or Venice. I have very bad memories of Vegas, but Atlantic City really was bizarre.

Imagine you were stuck in that part of NJ for Christmas and for some X Files sort of reason the NY border was closed.

Stephen King never imagined anything that bad.

By Marc on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 03:29 am: Edit


I'm trapped in Las Vegas. Have mercy on me. I'm surrounded by the worst America has to offer:
overweight cornfed USDA porkers in pantsuits, greaseballs slathered in cheap cologne, burned-out bellboys sporting cheap toupees, old women permanently attached to slot machines (the gambler's iron lung), chainsmoking
hookers in flameproof polyester mini skirts...their thighs cottage-cheesed with cellulite, pale-skinned losers with bloodshot eyes that spin in their skulls like roto-scoped roulette wheels...

I am lost, my man. Can you not have fucking mercy on me?
I'm going to be spending Christmas in Vegas, alone and hornier than a french poodle on spanish fly.

By Don_walsh on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 02:41 am: Edit

I haven't seen any goose-stepping around here. All I've seen is that sometimes a few of us shoot from the hip, and prematurely, and usually over a misunderstanding simple or comples as the case may be. Is that 'fascist'? If so Marc is as brownshirted as the rest of us usual suspects, because, fella, you've done as much short-fuze vituperation (later apologized for or backpeddled or countermanded) as anyone here.

Artemis over-reacted to a tone of voice, that's all.

Anatomist1 went after Rachel, apparently without having read her first post carefully, and now they are making goo-goo eyes (cyber-wise) at each other, or at least they have beaten their swords into ploughshares.

Life goes on.

Meanwhile lay off the 'fascist' rhetoric pls before I go memorize the lyrics to the Horst Wessel Lied.

By Anatomist1 on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 01:21 am: Edit

Hey wait! I thought I was insulting nearly everyone here BUT Mr. Sklar...

Man, my misanthropy was mistakenly misinterpreted.

By Admin on Monday, December 18, 2000 - 10:19 pm: Edit

THANK YOU, Mr. Frenchman, for playing middle man for Mr. Sklar. And Thank You Mr. Sklar (maybe if you married a Miss Snot you could hyphenate, Sklar-Snot or vice versa).

For my part, had I been aware that you were the venerable source of information regarding Trenet, I would have sought you out.

Pay no attention to these bullies, they're flexing. We very much appreciate your input!

Pphhhbbbt! to the rest of you!


By Marc on Monday, December 18, 2000 - 05:56 pm: Edit

Dale may not be an "absinthe expert", but he showed some real style in his response to artemis's meanspirited letter.

What's going on around here? Why the bunker mentality? This domain is becoming the home of absinthe fascism.

Ted, your cool disposition is refreshing. Stay Zen, my man.

By Anatomist1 on Monday, December 18, 2000 - 04:00 pm: Edit

Wow. That Mr. Sklar is downright knightly. Artie's vituperative prose flowed over him like water over a duck. No wonder he can't figure out how to get onto the forum....


By Tabreaux on Monday, December 18, 2000 - 01:20 pm: Edit

Just FYI:

Dale graciously provided me with the samples I used to create the reviews for Trenet, Hapsburg, and Dedo. He is nothing but professional in every aspect, and like consumers, he has expressed a genuine interest and concern in knowing that he is handling legitimate products.

As I posted, we heard from the makers of Trenet regarding absinthium. We still have not heard from Hapsburg and Dedo.

FWIW, if it is what I think it is, the green liquid in Veracruz is nothing in any way shape or form akin or related to absinthe.

By Frenchman on Monday, December 18, 2000 - 12:39 pm: Edit

Message posted by PhiL for Dale Sklar


By Artemis on Sunday, December 3, 2000 - 03:55 am:
"I don't have a password"
Pretty easy to get.

>>> The password is ONLY required for access to the Trade Price list, as for obvious reasons our Trade customers don't want their retail clients knowing what price they pay for their purchases.

"Actually we still have about 10 cases in UK bond of this illegal distillate awaiting UK Customs duty reclaim before either destroying it, or returning it to France. We have had MANY applicants for this item, but of course can't comply!" Then why even mention it?

>>> I mentioned it in the spirit of openess to say that with our first import, we hadn't even heard of Thujone, (nor had any of the analysts in the UK, nor had the Trade ) etc etc.

Our first import of Absinthe at the time was a learning curve. As soon as we discovered that we had exceeded the Thujone limit we recalled the consignment and sent most of it back to France. I was not then, and I am not now ashamed to say that before we started importing Absinthe, I knew very little about it, and I concede readily that many of the members of the Forum evidently are experts in aspects of Absinthe and its history.

Never-the-less we are currently heavily involved in the Absinthe Trade and also can now show a rather nice collection of Absinthe 'collectibles' in London. If anyone is visiting London, and they care to call us on (+44 208 975 1023) they will be welcome to visit , by appointment, and have a peek at our spoons and glasses and fontaines etc etc. I thought it would be acceptable to charge £2.50 per person for a visit which we would donate 100% to a children's charity twice a year ?

"I am told the local youth in Veracruz go around in a green daze" Are we supposed to be impressed or disgusted? (Hint - "youth" such as that are regularly shown the door in this forum).

>>> I was merely recounting what I was verbally told in Mexico by our Mezcal Suppliers in Cordoba, near Veracruz. As we are in the Absinthe business, naturally this product interested me and I brought back a small bottle of the liquid to UK.

Nothing more nor less. I am not supposing anyone / Artemis would be impressed or disgusted ... Sorry if it offended someone's sensibilites... it was not intended to impress nor disgust. However I would say that having conducted many thousands of consumer tastings , and listened to thousands of actual and potential drinkers, we know of very many who drink Absinthe for it's 'alleged effects' and not just to participate in some historical recreation of 'rive gauche' Paris. We supply the market, we do not judge it.

"permission to join in and add to the the general musings of the 'experts'"
You have my permission to fuck off, Mr. Snot. I'm not here to kiss Don's, Ted's or anybody else's ass, but I don't like your attitude. At what are you "expert", besides selling liquor (and maybe not even that)?

>>> Actually, I don't call myself an expert (at least not on Absinthe)... I have been in the Liquor Trade for very many years and do know something about 'some aspects of the Trade' more than others (especially Tequila and Mezcal), where I have given many radio and some TV interviews, but as I said before, I am not shy to admit that I know relatively little about Absinthe, unlike many of the experts in the Forum. When I used the terms, 'general musings of the experts' I was not intending to be rude, but genuinely acknowledging that many of the Forum members do indeed seem to know an extraordinary amount about Absinthe. If Artemis wishes to call me names, then I accept his/her namecalling and criticism. Actually the name is 'Dale Sklar', but if Artemis wants to call me 'Mr Snot', I can live with this. (It's a new name, but I am not shy to correspond under my real name too, without recourse to 'pseudonyms' ). I accept his / her permission to 'Fuck Off ' !

By Artemis on Tuesday, December 5, 2000 - 02:15 am: Our titled goblin friend wrote: "Artemis,
Not wanting to get involved in any rows. But as to whether Dale, (Dale Sklar I believe) is an expert at selling liquors or not," What rubbed me the wrong way was what I perceived to be a condescending tone toward this forum, when he was not a member and didn't even take the time to go through the simple process of joining in. My point was, even if he was the world's top "expert" in *selling* liquor, that still left him quite a bit short of being expert on the *contents* thereof and he should have been a lot less presumptuous of the knowledge and dedication to truth of Don, Ted, et. al. >>>

>>> I agree I was a bit sorry that our Brands of Absinthe were assumed to be 'guilty' without even someone contacting us to ask the necessary questions ... not at all hard to do ... If I were perceived to be condescending, then 'sorry !

I do not and I am not, and I have never called myself an expert on Absinthe. I did not know how to enter the Forum (I still don't) which is why I passed my comments (as this time too) via a member, 'Frenchman' who kindly has forwarded them. My intention was just to 'come clean' and validate and give info, as I was asked to do. In the spirit of 'validating' and satisfying forum members questions, I have subsequently been asked to send Absinthe samples to two members of the Forum in USA which has been done. Sorry if I've made some unexpected enemies along the way !

bibi , Mr. Snot (aka Dale L. Sklar) Wine & Spirit International Ltd., London

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