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By Don_walsh on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 06:49 pm: Edit

True, true. Mike I. is a nice guy, but his forum puts me to sleep faster than a pentathol drip and scopalomine. This forum is much more entertaining, pink mist, blue haze, smoke and all. "Cry 'Havoc!', ;et slip the dogs of absinthe war..."

By Lordhobgoblin on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 09:16 am: Edit

Bickering and insults is what this forum is all about. I mean there's only so much you can say about a bottle of green booze and after a while it gets repetitive and boring, it turns into real anorak-city. So to all you lurkers out there come on board and speak your mind, insult away.


By Anatomist1 on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 04:18 am: Edit

Melinelly hit it on the head. All the handwringing posts about all the bickering are themselves evidence that bickering is the most popular activity going. Look at the threads: call someone names and the thread takes off -- sometimes 30 or more posts in a day. Say something "nice" or "interesting" and the thread will simmer at best.


By Bluedog1 on Wednesday, December 20, 2000 - 12:53 am: Edit


Like the tides, these arguments ebb and flow.

Every few months they raise their heads with righteous indignation, blood gets spattered, then lay dormant for a while until someone whacks that particular bee hive with a stick. (pardon the mixed metaphor)

Consider it part of the experience. enjoy, relax, have a drink. Cheers.


By Pikkle on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 06:36 am: Edit

Fight fire with fire?

By Chrysippvs on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 04:07 am: Edit

Why do they try to put out a fire with flames?

It is the oil fire theory I suppose..

By Melinelly on Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 03:49 am: Edit

Nice to see new and old faces coming out of lurk mode to post their opinions to the forum... too bad it's all wasted taking part in the bickerings they rant against... and that's what i don't get...

Why do they try to put out a fire with flames?

i'm not taking sides or complaining, it's just a thought i had and figured i'd pose the question. well, cheers!

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