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By Chrysippvs on Friday, December 22, 2000 - 03:46 am: Edit

With much thanks to Melinelly of this forum, I managed to obtain two bottles of La Muse Verte imported from France.

Very interesting bottling and labeling. The bottle is wrapped in a nice sheet of cover paper with a plesant label, with presents this pastis as without sugar and without color. It also came packaged with a nice Losanges spoon which made a great last minute X-mas present for a friend of mine.

The armoa is very much like any other Spanish absinthe/Pastis. Strong hints of badaine and licorice root, almost too sweet for me. On the back it has drinking instructions in French and all the US FDA/BATF labeling regs.

Out of the bottle it is a very classic pastis dishwater color, brown. It louches nicely to a brown opaque color. The flavor is somewhat heavy and reminds me of a more thick Versinthe. Better than Pernod or Ricard, but still pastis. Despite not having any sugar it is still very sweet and I would not add sugar to it.

All in all a nice pastis, although some thick and muddy on the palate.

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