PICON amer vs. PICON absinthe

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By Petermarc on Friday, December 29, 2000 - 08:26 am: Edit

i found this in a book about historical posters about marseille...there was a discussion a while back as to whether the PICON SUCRE spoon was for PICON sugar, PICON amer, or absinthe...it turns out that PICON amer (the original, made with orange skins)set up a factory in marseille and became hugely popular (in fact my mother-in-law remembers oranges being sold without skins that were the by-product of this business) two 'businessmen' (ah, this is marseille)one who happened to have the last name of Picon, made their own amer, plus an absinthe under the name PICON hoping it would be confused...they used lots of publicity, but were never successful...now, i wonder if this spoon was made for them? picon

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