My first absinthe experience with Sebors

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By Abramelin on Monday, January 01, 2001 - 02:51 pm: Edit

I cracked open my first bottle of Sebors absinthe on new years eve, whilst staying at a beach resort on Stradbroke Island here in Ozland.

After opening the bottle, and a having quick smell, which was mildly anise and what I think was a mint-ish like herbal falvour, I poured my first absinthe over ice and drank the first drink straight.
Now I've been told Czech absinthe doesn't taste "traditional", but what I did taste was a damn nice tasting drink in my opinion.
Over my tounge I could taste firstly, the anise, then followed by a strong herbal falvour, which was unlike anything I've ever tasted in any alcoholic beverage before. I'm not sure exactly what I was tasting but the only word I can use to describe the taste was "potion" like. Then finally I could taste what I assume is the wormwood aftertaste, a mild bitter sensation that felt "dry" on your tounge after a few sips.
The drink was entirely pleasant (although the alcohol was reasonably strong) and I don't think any of the flavours overpowered each other, they seemed very balanced in my opinion.

I had the next few more drinks of absinthe the traditional way, with water and sugar *Sebors didn't really louche at all*...I think the water seperated the herbal aromas from the alcohol a lot more, and I know I the whole room smelt of this strange stuff! Then I went back to drinking it neat over ice. Even so I kept drinking until I had finsihed off around 25 cl around an hour and half after I started.

By the time I had drank this much I was suprisingly intoxicated and I believe that very mildly behind the alcohol I could feel the thujone working. There were no halucinations, or anything really pronounced, but I did feel strangely glowing and happy, certainly unlike just drinking regular alcohol, infact I believe it feels similar to smoking a little marajuana on top of the alcohol, however it doesn't feel exactly like maraujana nor as strong, it has its own very mild effect. At one point I found myself staring into the intricate patterns that a particular woven lampshade was projecting onto the walls, above our table! I will admit I was first drawn to absinthe for its effects, but now I will certainly enjoy it for its unqiue taste and I think the mild effects are a small bonus on the side.

I'm not sure when I will drink the remaining contents of my first bottle but I already look foward to it. I think Sebors was great stuff. I'm also looking foward to getting my first couple of bottles of Deva and trying some of the more tradintional stuff.

On yeah and as far as pastis goes now, well I'll leave it on the bar, I certainly won't be drinking the fakes anymore!

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