Bombay Sapphire, anyone?

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By Mersault on Sunday, June 18, 2000 - 11:34 am: Edit

Hmmmm.....I've been fond of Bombay for years...Never experienced any secondary effects, except getting pretty rammy. Perhaps I need to take closer notice instead of just jumping into the pit at the Trocadero...hehehe On a final Do any of you Bombay drinkers find that when you end up at some redneck bar and the only gin they have is Tanqueray, that its tastes sweet almost like a diet softdrink?

"Gin.....Makes a man mean" -Milk & Cheese (Also a great little Ska song)

Wellington: "You know what the penelty for looting is private?"

Private: "Stoppage of Gin sir?"

Wellington: "Good answer, Promote this man to captian"
- Lord Wellington "Waterloo"

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