Dengar, tell us more.

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By Martin on Friday, January 26, 2001 - 03:57 am: Edit

Ah-ha... that makes sense. It was used in a sentence in the liner notes of a Swedish CD I've got. It said something like, "Sorry man. Too many javla vinare!"

I have a useful Swedish phrase now. Thanks!


By Dengar on Thursday, January 25, 2001 - 08:51 am: Edit

Ha ha ha! :-)

"Jävla" means "bloody", "fucking" etc.
"Vinare" is slang for "bottle of wine".

If you say that you're going to drink a "vinare", you're indicating that its not quality wine and that you're drinking it just to get drunk. The term is mostly connected with teenage drinking.

By Martin on Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - 02:50 pm: Edit

I have a question about a Swedish drink: What is Javla Vinare?


By Pikkle on Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - 12:15 pm: Edit

As long as it's not too sweet, I can dig it... yes,
we do call them 'cloves.' My dad hates them...
my grandmother used to put them in hams to
spice them up, holiday thing and he just
couldn't eat it that way... thanks for the recipe...
I'll let you know how I do. :-)

By Dengar on Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - 10:45 am: Edit

Here comes the glögg recipe I promised. It’s fairly simple but I find it quite good. Not exclusive by any means though. You’ll need:

3 bottles (70 cl each) of cheap red wine
30 cl water
30 cl sugar
10 cloves (is it really called that in English???)
3 pieces from a cinnamon bar (?)

Boil the water, sugar and the spices. Pour in the wine. Keep it warm for a while, but make sure it doesn’t boil after you have added the wine. Serve it warm with almonds and raisins!

By Pikkle on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 09:32 am: Edit

Cool Dengar... tack så väldigt mycket! I'm
gonna find these... somewhere, hopefully in
English subtitles... my Swedish is very bad....

By Dengar on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 07:20 am: Edit

Info: They're swedish/icelandic productions directed by icelandic director Harfn Gunnlaugsson.

The First one is from 1984 and is called "Hrafninn Flýgur" in icelandic and "Korpen Flyger" in Swedish (translates to "The Raven Flies").

The Second one is from 1988 and is called "I Skugga Hrafnsins" in icelandic and "Korpens Skugga" in Swedish (translates to"Shadow of the Raven").

By Pikkle on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 06:13 am: Edit

Yes, that's the one... or ones... I will have to
find it... yeah, I forgot it was Icelandic...
Icelandic women are beautiful by the way, right
up there with the Swedish women!

By Dengar on Tuesday, January 23, 2001 - 12:20 am: Edit

You probably mean a set of films made by an Icelandic director, who's name I've forgot. The Swedish name for one of them is "Korpen Flyger", which translates to "The Raven Flyies". I haven't seen them, but they're supposed to be good. Why I havn't seen them? Well, it's just of those mysteries... Actually, everytime I'm reminded about their existance I feel that I should do something about it.

By the way; I am working on that glögg-recepie, it has just got delayed.

By Pikkle on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 05:12 pm: Edit

I forgot Dengar, you live in the land where the
government enacts an average of one new
law a day... overlegislation is not a good thing.
yeah, I don't know the firearms laws of
Sweden actually... but if you perchance ever
run into these mags, let me know... I'd be
willing to take them off your hands.
Oh, while on the subject of viking movies...
there was a movie, I don' t know when exactly
it was produced, perhaps late 80's early 90's
and I can't remember the title of it for the life of
me except that it had the name of a bird in it
(raven perhaps?) It was supposed to have
been pretty good and played in arthouses
here for a brief time but I've never been able to
find anything on it since... any clues?

By Artemis on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 01:32 pm: Edit

"Should probably ask Luger directly, but I haven't seen him here for a while. Do know any details about the confiscations?"

I asked and he answered. I started a new thread to post his answers, so they wouldn't get lost in the noise.

By Artemis on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 08:50 am: Edit

What with this "funeral prayer"?

When they're getting ready to fight the final battle against the Eaters of the Dead, one of them starts reciting it, and the others join in one by one, even the Arab, until they're all saying it together:

Lo, there do I see my father
Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning
Lo, they do call to me
They bid me take place among them
in the Halls of Valhalla
Where the brave may live forever ....

By Dengar on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 07:47 am: Edit

Pikkle, don't have any mags... Don't know if it's legal. I mean, firearms are illegal with some exeptions (hunting for example). Don't know if possesing an empty mag is illegal or not, anyway it doesn't matter because it just isn't anything that I would have lying at home.

What with this "funeral prayer"? I saw the movie (and it stunk!) but didn't notice anything special. I'll probably have to check it out one more time.

By Artemis on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 06:59 am: Edit

"He told me absinthe is legal in Sweden but that doesn't stop Swedish Customs from confiscating it."

That's because it's hard liquor, not because it's absinthe. I know the invocation for bringing up Luger - you have to rub an old coffee pot filled with yellow snow. I'll try it and see what happens. He won't post here, but maybe he'll give me some answers to post.

"I will admit to really liking the somewhat ersatz Viking funeral prayer in THE THIRTEENTH WARRIOR...really gave me goosflesh, some sort of archetypical chord."

Ditto. That thing made the hair stand up on my neck; brought tears to my eyes. If it is "ersatz", somebody did a hell of a job of writing it. It's not doggerel, like that stupid old Lon Chaney thing:

"Even a man who's pure at heart
and says his prayers by night
can become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
and the Autumn moon is bright"

I'm not sure about the autumn part, it would seem to make the werewolf a seasonal creature, a homicidal Easter bunny as it were.

By Pikkle on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 06:30 am: Edit

Actually Swedish K mags are quite useful...
can be converted to fit the S&W Model 76
without much effort... so Dungar, if you have
any of these, let me know, a friend I have
would be very interested.

By Pikkle on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 06:29 am: Edit

I was merely indicating it's origin was from the
same company... I guess I will have to spell
that out next time.

By Don_walsh on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 06:26 am: Edit

Well, the Swedish 'K' as we call it (9mm smg) is an antique although still serviceable. The 7.62mm FN FAL is what UK calls the L1A1 SLR, while the FNC is a 5.56mm like the M16 series, not same at all...

By Pikkle on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 05:37 am: Edit

Hey, I own the U.S. version of the FN FAL... we
should all go shooting some time.

By Dengar on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 03:32 am: Edit

Don: Actually, I've been asigned a M45B, in the event of war. Pretty stupid actually, as I've never fired it. During my military training we had AK 5 (Swedish version of FN FNC).

By Don_walsh on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 02:54 am: Edit

I think Luger objected in principle to having to register/log in. One of the very few unfortunate losses from that otherwise altogether great move.

If you are ordering from SC and no problems, maybe he was talking about airport problems with hand carries. I dunno.

I like Luger, he knows where of he speaks, likes to shoot large animals and is no stranger to to a Carl Gustaf M45 9mm SMG. Me, too.

By Dengar on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 01:06 am: Edit

Don: Should probably ask Luger directly, but I haven't seen him here for a while. Do know any details about the confiscations? I've ordered form SC a couple of times and had never had any trouble with the customs.

By Don_walsh on Monday, January 22, 2001 - 12:37 am: Edit

Luger is a Swede in Sweden.

He told me absinthe is legal in Sweden but that doesn't stop Swedish Customs from confiscating it.

Go figure.

My own Viking claim is limited to descent from Cambro-Norman stock which means Vikings in Normandy who made their way through Wales to Ireland in the Norman Conquest. This shows up in my hair and beard and eyes and general physiognymy. All sorts of Scands used to try to talk to me in various Norse-ish languages when I was flying around a lot more than I do these days.

I will admit to really liking the somewhat ersatz Viking funeral prayer in THE THIRTEENTH WARRIOR...really gave me goosflesh, some sort of archetypical chord.

By Pikkle on Sunday, January 21, 2001 - 02:46 pm: Edit

Hey Grim... you can have your thread back!

By Pikkle on Sunday, January 21, 2001 - 02:07 pm: Edit

Yeah, I found some recipes on the internet but
I didn't like them too much... I think I put in too
much sugar to be honest and I have to work
on the spicing... I know there are old family
recipes out there that are probably better than
anything being produced.

By Dengar on Sunday, January 21, 2001 - 06:01 am: Edit

Glögg!!! Mmmm...that is yummy. Nothing beats the smell of warm glögg in the winter. It's really not that complicated to make. You'll need:

Cheap red wine.
Some vodka.
Some cinnamon.

Pikkle, give me a 24 hours and I'll get you a nice glögg recipe.

By Pikkle on Sunday, January 21, 2001 - 05:22 am: Edit

I'll have to ask my friend in Staffanstorp to look
into that for me... The last time I was in
Sweden, I remember we went to a museum, I
can' remember which one, but there were all
sorts of viking artifacts. I was quite enthralled
with it all actually, I love history. Our history
isn't nearly as rich as it is in Europe. Okay,
you're let off the hook for the viking stories. Do
you have a good glögg recipe? It's hard to
come by here.

By Dengar on Sunday, January 21, 2001 - 12:39 am: Edit

Pikkle: Sorry to dissapoint you, but I'm not good at Viking stories! The books about Röde Orm is my best advice, but you probably know that already.

On the odd note; have you read the comic adaption of the Norse myths called "Valhall"? I find them quite amusing. However they are quite humours comics and that format doesn't appeal to everyone. Don't know if they've been translated to english though.

By Pikkle on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 06:02 pm: Edit

Viking story of the day.

A Minnesotan dies and is sent to hell. He was
a horrible man throughout life and the devil
really wanted to punish him, so he puts him to
work breaking up rocks with a
sledgehammer. To make it worse he cranks
up the temperature and the humidity. After a
couple of days the Devil checks in on his
victim to see if he is suffering adequately. The
Devil is aghast as he looks at the Minnesotan
happily swinging his hammer and whistling a
happy tune.
The Devil walks up to him and says, "I don't
understand this. I've turned the heat way up,
it's humid, you're crushing rocks, why are you
so happy?"
The Minnesotan, smiling looks at the Devil
replying, "This is great, it reminds me of
August in Minnesota. Hot, humid a good piece
of work to do - it reminds me of home. This is
The Devil, perplexed, walks away to ponder
this. He decides to change things up a bit
-drops the temperature, sends down driving
rain and torrential wind. Soon, hell is a wet,
muddy mess. The Minnesotan is happily
slogging through the mud pushing a
wheelbarrow full of crushed rocks.
Again, the Devil asks how he can be happy in
such conditions.
The Minnesotan replies, "This is great. Just
like April in Minnesota. Reminds me of
working out in the fields with spring plantin'!"
The Devil is now completely baffled. In
desperation, he tries one last ditch
effort. He makes the temperature plummet.
Hell is blanketed in snow and ice.
Confident that this will have to do it, the Devil
checks in on the Minnesotan. He is aghast as
he sees the Minnesotan dancing, singing, and
twirling his sledgehammer as he cavorts in
"How can you be so happy. It's like you're
celebrating. Don't you know its
40 below zero!?" screams the Devil.
"Hell's frozen over!" replies the Minnesotan,
"The Vikings won the Superbowl!"

By Pikkle on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 05:39 pm: Edit

"EGOTIST: Someone who is usually me-deep
in conversation."

"YAWN: An honest opinion openly expressed."

By Pikkle on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 05:19 pm: Edit

My my, I don't know if it's the absinthe or what,
but absolutely no one on this forum seems to
have any sense of humor... what a shame, I
have a great time with absinthe. I guess
like-interested doesn't necessarily translate
into like-minded. I suppose it's up to the
admin ultimately to decide what goes on and
when so i'm sure if you directed your
complaints towards her, some action might
be taken. Until then, I'd like to hear about Erik
the Red.

By Grimbergen on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 05:01 pm: Edit

Maybe if you didn't have your head up your ass you would have noticed that I restarted a former thread so that we could have some discussion about absinthe. If you want fucking viking stories start a "viking stories" thread.

I understand that threads evolve and get off the topic, and that is fine. It is another thing to take over a thread with bullshit non sequiturs.


By Pikkle on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 03:54 pm: Edit

Have anything you want Grim... but if you want
to keep certain people out, put a password on
it, charge a fee, make it miserable for people
to want to post. I give Kallisti all the credit in
the world as this is the most loosely
moderated forum I've seen and it works out for
the best... I would never criticize for persons
posting whatever they feel like in my threads,
this is electronic graffiti, it's the new cafe,
whatever. From now on I suggest you put a
disclaimer at the header of your threads
saying something like (Subject) and then
(except Pikkle.) I may oblige.
And as some find gladiator stories amusing, I
find viking stories just as entertaining... and
who better to ask than a Swede (I just don't
trust those Danes, their always up to some
mischief.) Having been to Sweden and having
some close personal Swedish friends, I feel a
special bond to Dengar that transcends a
normal forum type relationship. I feel
comfortable asking Dengar to spin some
good Viking yarn if he so chooses. If not, I'll
find another Swede somewhere to sate my
epic desires.

By Grimbergen on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 11:47 am: Edit

Thanks Dengar.

Any other Scandies lurking around who want to chime in here?

Damn you Pikkle. Can't I just have one thread on absinthe? Is that really too much to ask?


By Dengar on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 10:42 am: Edit

If you don't behave I migth do that! :-)

By Pikkle on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 07:51 am: Edit

Dengar, tell us some viking stories!

By Dengar on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 12:41 am: Edit

To be honest I don't have a clue about the limits. Sweden is a EU-member, which means that do have to follow EU food regulations. This being said, a country can in special cases negotiate to be excluded from certain regulations. But I can’t imagine that this would be the case with thujone. I’m pretty certain that we just follow EU regulations (10 mg), but I don’t think that this is an issue that have been up for discussion on a political level.

If I’ve understood things correctly absinthe was never illegal here, it just didn’t exist. When the Hill’s craze started in the UK, we were swept along.

When it comes to the other Scandinavian countries I don’t know. Norway isn’t members of EU, so they can pretty much make up their own limits. However, and this is pure speculation, the Norwegians are usually very good at regulating things. I wouldn’t be surprised if absinthe is banned there. But as I said, I don’t know. Denmark has always been a very liberal country and a couple of years ago Krut’s Karpor was the only absinthe available in the northern parts of Europe. Denmark is also a EU member and should therefore be forced to follow EU regulations.

By Grimbergen on Friday, January 19, 2001 - 09:41 pm: Edit

Hi. I was interested to hear your post about absinthe in Sweden. I thought I would start a new thread since the last one turned into a discussion about US politics. It seems every time I turn around it is legal somewhere new. Do you know what the laws are on it? Does the government base their food laws on the EU food regulations? Is there the 10mg of thujone limit there? Any idea about the other Scandinavian countries?

Thanks for the info.


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