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By Petermarc on Tuesday, January 30, 2001 - 03:20 pm: Edit

no problem, i have a mule going over on the 6th, for a week...

By Black_Rabbit on Tuesday, January 30, 2001 - 03:10 pm: Edit

Very cool... if he finds one, please do have him pick it up :-) Let me know if he does, email me etc so I can send the money and my addres...

Thankye kindly!

By Grimbergen on Monday, January 29, 2001 - 04:38 pm: Edit

1 US Dollar = 14,600.0 Vietnamese Dong

By Black_Rabbit on Monday, January 29, 2001 - 03:49 pm: Edit

Alas, I have but one Dong.

How much is that in American? (Or Euros or whatever, I can figure it out from there...) None of these currency converters I am looking on apparently think Vietnam is worth listing.

If it isn't too dear, that would be amazingly cool of you and your friend. Amazingly cool anyhow for the offer :-)

By Petermarc on Monday, January 29, 2001 - 01:25 pm: Edit

viêt nam
cuôc chiê'n
the war 1858-1975 in viêt nam

written by:

nguyên khac can and
pham viêt thuc
(i think)

published by:

trung tâm sach va thiêt bi thu viên
83 ly nam dê
ha nôi viêt nam
tel. 8-438220/09044-6220

in other words, good luck finding it anywhere but
viêt nam...if you want a copy, i can see if my friend can pick one up in saigon for you, it just may take some time, it is new and was quite popular and already hard to find(lots of photos and pictures--all black and white,flimsy paper, it looks like it was printed in a fancy garage) ...the price: 270,000 dong.

By Black_Rabbit on Monday, January 29, 2001 - 07:31 am: Edit


What's it called, this book of John Wayne american general inspecting? Do you know where to get it or who published?

Sounds like a very valuable perspective indeed!

By Petermarc on Friday, January 26, 2001 - 11:37 am: Edit

viêt nam is like a beautiful woman that desperately needs a bath and some new clothes...
the people are warm and friendly and don't seem to care,remember or focus on the 'unpleasantness' that has happened to them over the last 100 years(i believe i was told 40% of the population is under 20, and the rest look almost as young...when you see someone who actually looks old they must be close to 100 years)there is food everywhere and almost everyone has some sort of shop set up in front of it selling just about everything...for communists, they are openly capitalistic and have no shortage of goods...i don't know if this was artificial because of the Tê't new year (jan 24) or normal for the cities...pollution is high, they use leaded gas and burn alot of coal is worth seeing
because there is nothing i've seen like it and they will grow and change in the next ten years...when i was young in the 60's and 70's when you said something was made in japan, it meant it was cheap and plastic(remember the first honda civic?now look at products and prices for things made in japan...this will be the same for viêt nam (and they have far more natural resources than japan)ok, enough of all know what i was looking for over there...signs of french colonialism via remnants of a certain beverage...nothing...well, almost is difficult to find antiques in viêt nam and if they are older than 1945, you cannot legally take them out of the country...when i asked one dealer he said bribe the customs agent, another said 'we don't know about those things' so maybe it was better that i didn't see a trace of absinthe related things anywhere (saigon, hué, hanoi, ha long bay)what did i find?
the viêtnamese can copy just about anything (sometimes good, sometimes bad)they like whisky
(like johnny walker) and created their own drink called 'pernola' (sound familiar?) which is a ruou(a 'kind of' whisky)but with the added flavor of 'tonkinensis anis star' at 45%... it tasted like watered down johnny walker with anis flavor (after a little taste, i didn't bother to see if it louched or not)i believe this may be the one hold over product to tie them with the absinthe is no wonder i couldn't find absinthe there...however, if you all remember me writing about viporine (which is illegal in france) snake wine (rice wine at about 30%,very much like sake or a light grappa)is abundant in thujone and natural coloring in absinthe, because of the low alcohol content, the snake falls out of suspension in the liquid and can be seen
;-) comes in reused gallon jars, half-gallon handle jugs, johnny walker bottles or smaller sizes and had from one cobra to many plus green snakes (the green snake in the mouth of the cobra was a popular theme) depending on the size of the is used as a digestif or as a was easy to find in saigon, but seemed to be reserved for the pharmacies in hanoi...the snakes are quite decorative in the bottle but my wife did not want me to bring one back home (they were also sold at the hanoi airport) even though she tried it along with myself when we were offered it as an after dinner drink at a restaurant in saigon...this was an 'artisanal' batch in a gallon jug that must of had 25 snakes in it...i highly recommend it as a
digestif and a way to offend and upset those around you...on january 17th the 'viêt nam news' ran an article titled 'canadian tipplers develop taste for green fairy liquid' which they pulled from the wires (i imagine many of you have seen this article, if not i will post the contents, it does say that versinthe contains thujone (1.5 parts per million))i found it amusing that it ran while i was there, and they found the story interesting enough to put in the english language newspaper of the country...also, the viêtnamese like cognac, but be careful when you reach for that familiar shaped 'rémy martin' bottle that you don't end up buying a bottle of 'ricky martin' cognac! yikes! livin'the viva loca---gag!
uncle ho chi minh is still dead and well stuffed in hanoi, a tribute to soviet taxidermy; in a temple that would have him rolling in his grave if he knew he was to be laid out like that, he was a very simple man and didn't even have a toilet in his little house in hanoi (it is probably why there are so many guards around him, to keep him from leaving in disgust)
'dumb question of the trip' we went to a friend of a friend's restaurant on the 4 floor of a huge new high rise in hanoi...very 'hip' but not well decorated, excellent fusion, new wave food in huge the bottom of the menu was a statement 'out of respect to our previous tenants, we refuse to serve pumpkin soup'.. my wife makes an excellent pumpkin soup and we were curious why this was...the waiter smiled and said 'well, before this was here there was a prison camp and they served pumpkin soup all the time.' i realized that we were eating on top of the 'hanoi hilton' where american pilots were held prisoner during the war!(there is a real hilton in hanoi, but not here, too bad, for the irony of it)...the next day in the light we could see half of the prison which was left intact, right up against this huge modern building! and speaking of the war, i picked up a great book, just recently published, about the war in viêt nam from 1858-1975 written by a viêtnamese is in viêtnamese, french and english and it is always refreshing and a little disturbing to get the history from another point of view...along with many spelling mistakes,problems with american names, etc., it has a photo captioned 'an american general inspecting saigon military in the plan of:
"vietnamize the war"'...the american general is not identified, but is clearly--john wayne! in a scene from 'the green berets'...

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