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By Pikkle on Saturday, January 13, 2001 - 08:07 am: Edit

It tastes great and is less filling... no, wait,
that's something else...

By Don_walsh on Friday, January 12, 2001 - 12:44 pm: Edit

Betty sells several different La Bleues, so does Justin, and so do others. So the situation is even murkier than a monolithic "Betina's Swiss La Bleue" or "BEI's French La Bleue" as they both sell multiple types rom multiple bootleggers. In Justin's case from both sides of the Franco-Swiss border, I gather. Maybe Betty too, I dunno.

Apart from that, even from a single La Bleue maker the product may well vary over time.

As to the thujone content, the sort answer is that as La Bleue is a distilled product, it is simply not possible to have 60 mg/Kg thujone in there. Unless added afterwards as oil. And that's not how the Swiss play the game. They make La Bleue for themselves and export is a minor matter. The Swiss are not the Czechs thank God and are not inclined to prostitute their art.

By _blackjack_ on Friday, January 12, 2001 - 11:40 am: Edit

La Bleue is a category of bootlegged absinthes, so the exact contents will vary a great deal. Ted is in the process of doing chemical analysis of various absinthes, including, I believe, the Swiss La Bleue offered by Betina Elixirs, so we will at some point know the thujone content of that sample, but with an artisanal product like La Bleue, it is hard say how consistent the levels are.

I haven't tried any La Bleue, so I can't comment on the tste, but the general response is quite positive. Do not be too concerned about thujone levels, however. There isn't any hard evidence that thujone levels alone have anything to do with whatever "secondary" effect absinthe has.

By Marc on Friday, January 12, 2001 - 11:34 am: Edit

yes/no. yummy. happy.

By Rupert1029 on Friday, January 12, 2001 - 11:28 am: Edit

According to buyers guide on Sepulchritude, Swiss LaBleue is 60 mg thujone ? Is that true ? If so, how does it taste ? How does it make you feel ?

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