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By Bluedog1 on Saturday, January 13, 2001 - 06:36 am: Edit

of the 1937 book "Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Make Them".

There is a whole section on Absinthe, absinthe substitutes, and the original Old Absinthe House in New Orleans.

After having tried absinthe and Sprite on New Years Eve, I went looking for some actual absinthe cocktails. This book has 8 and two ojen drinks, though they do all mention "absinthe substitute"

I particularly liked the sound of the Green Opal cocktail (Ted, know anything about the absinthe substitute Solari's brand named "Green Opal") -- jigger absinthe or Green Opal, pony dry gin, pony anisette, dash orange bitters and 2 dashes dash Peychaud bitters. Shake with Ice

or the Suissesse (freely translated "Swiss Miss") -- teaspoon sugar, pony French vermouth, 2 ponies absinthe, 1 egg white, half pony creme de menthe, 2 ounces charged water -- shake with ice, strain into a champagne glass, garnish with a cherry.

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