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By Absinthesque on Sunday, February 04, 2001 - 05:07 pm: Edit

I'm sitting here with a glass of Betty's La Bleue. The second bottle I've bought from her. This is clearly a different batch and is superior to the other La Bleues I've tried -- either French or Swiss, obtained from Betty and other sources. All of them are good, but this one is noticeably more subtle. When the bottle arrived, it contained some crystalline flakes that others have described of late and which I've seen them in Segarra too. This is no doubt a consequence of the temperature, as the flakes disappeared once the bottle had been stored for a couple of days. But back to the taste: neat, it's sweetish but not cloying, with a slightly bitter finish, not overpoweringly alcoholic and very smooth. It louches grayish white with perhaps the faintest tinge of blue. The taste with water is delicate and complex, more so than any other absinthe I've had. There's the slightest numbing effect on the tongue after a few sips. This La Bleue is well worth the price -- something to sip on those special occasions.


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