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By Rupert1029 on Sunday, February 11, 2001 - 03:28 pm: Edit

I just finished watching "Madame X", the movie that first turned me on to Absinthe when I was about 20 yrs old (20 yrs ago). After seeing it again, I can't see why it turned me on. After having an affair with Ricardo Montalbon, Lana Turner is forced to leave her future Governor of New York husband, John Forsyth. Evil mother in law, Constance Bennett, banishes Lana to Switzerland, where Lana becomes addicted to Absinthe (thank god it wasn't Czechoslavakia) , and kills a man, and goes on trial, where there is a somewhat lengthy testimony about her addiction to the illegal, degenerating, and addicting substance. At one point, prior to the murder, she is surprised when her "trick" presents her with the rare and expensive treat. She had the expression that I do when SC packages arrive. In her trial for murder, her estranged son is her DA, and former husband, who thought she was dead, is the Presidential candidate. Great movie, lots of louching, but a real tear jerker. The movie has ruined my day, so I had to pull out the Deva. When at Blockbuster, check it out in the Classics section.

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