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By Horuseye on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 10:08 am: Edit

Hello !

I did it ! After getting my brandnew VISA-card
a week ago I took heart and Placed my very first
credit-card online-order at Green Bohemia for
a bottle of La Fee and a spoon.

This was on July, the 26th.

Then I waited anxious .....

Today it´s the 30th.

It has arrived ! A wellpacked bottle of La Fee
and a very beautiful spoon (and a box of green-
headed matches for free).

Nothing´s broken! I tried La Fee immediately.
It has an extraordinary scent; anise and a mixture
of herbs in the background, different from all
other brands I tried before . I cannot identify
it, it seemed partially like honey (?).

The louche is oh so nice ! The taste: I find it
rather strong anise, very smooth and sweetly, but
not so refind as the scent. I put no sugar in it,
I guess it would be too sweet.


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