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By Artemis on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 06:48 am: Edit

"Yes but what if I'm just "a streetbum drinking hair-tonic"?"

I assume coriander also gives hair tonic an orange flavor, but you'll have to ask the street bum.

Many Belgian beers are also spiced with coriander, and/or bitter orange and/or grains of paradise.

By Wolfgang on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 06:39 am: Edit

Yes but what if I'm just "a streetbum drinking air-tonic" ?

I just hope the answer will come out soon, it will be very instructive to us, poor druid wannabe who throws oak stick in the moonshine...

By Artemis on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 05:32 am: Edit

"what herb does taste like orange?"

See Luger's photo.

By Artemis on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 05:30 am: Edit

"Deva 50% Hot rubber smell"


"La Fee ... All clean – no “dirty” character as in Deva"

Either La Fee has improved or the master is not as masterful as advertised. The La Fee I tasted some time back had exactly the same fault as Deva, just not to as great a degree. It was enough to take some of the thrill out its good qualities, which I think are accurately described here.

"Oxygene ... touch of tobacco"


"... Altogether more complex"

Than what?

"Jade ... Most complex nose of all – hint of dry gin"

Good description of Jade. That dry gin character seems to be a signature of Ted's stuff.

By Wolfgang on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 05:25 am: Edit

He's right about the bitter orange hint... But I would be surprised is Pernod used orange peel so the big question here is what herb does taste like orange ? ...

By Wolfgang on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 05:20 am: Edit

Maybe Grandma Segarra is throwing some fennel in the pot when her son is not looking ;-)

By Heiko on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 03:58 am: Edit

Hmmm, how did he get the fennel in Segarra?

By Heiko on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 03:53 am: Edit

He's very right with Serpis: "dusty" is a perfect description!

By Oxygenee on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 03:36 am: Edit

We recently held an absinthe tasting here for the South African chapter of the International Wine and Food Society - Ted very kindly supplied a pre-release bottle of Jade Edouard Pernod, while the other absinthes tasted were a cross-section of the better known Czech, Spanish, French and Swiss brands. Among the guests was Dave Hughes, the doyen of the wine industry in South Africa, with about 40 years experience in both the wine and distilling industries. He's a Master of Wine, author of many books, and for the last 20 years one of the senior judges at the IWSC competition in London. He often chairs the single malt and gin panels. Although, as you'll see, they're very informally written for his own records rather than for publication, I thought some of the people here might be interested in the observations of a relatively dispassionate professional taster. So here they are:

Hills 70%
Blue colour. Star anise dominates. Far too sweet … to the point of wanting to vomit.
Not drinkable

Deva 50%
Hot rubber smell. Very odd flavour – almost rancid – lost most of anise character.

Absenta Serpis 55%
Sounds like a disease. Red ! Colour in keeping with coal-tar Rustic character, earthy tones, dusty – also little anise … some bitter tones.

Segara 45%
Strong liquorice, hint of vanilla, distinct anise & fennel.

La Fee 68%
Milky yellow/green opalescent. Louched very readily. Besides the easily recognized anise, there are good herbal … & heathery aromas. Even a slight lemony hint. Attractive bitter sweet taste. Incredibly long length in after taste. All clean – no “dirty” character as in Deva and Serpis.

Oxygene 55%
Very light louche. Less anise than La Fee. Much more alpine herby (hint of Chartreuse) touch of tobacco. Altogether more complex. Good bitter balance – hints of angelica root, fennel & heather. Delightful. Sitting in the sun, sipping chilled Oxygene must be a pretty good way to spend the day.

Le Bleue 61% (Same source as Betty's)
Lots of anise yet fairly complex – fennel & alpine herbs. Very refreshing, even at this stage of the tasting.

Jade 72%
Very slow louche. Most complex nose of all – sort of Chartreuse with hint of dry gin. Much more herbal with anise more in background. Each sip seems to show more complex herbal characters. Attractive, dry, heathery aromas. Some bitter orange in between the complex herbal flavours.

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