The Slerpis Story (for Petermarc)

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By Petermarc on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 07:48 pm: Edit

clapping feet and biting toe...'goo!'

By Head_Prosthesis on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 05:09 pm: Edit

One day in the land of Ypsi, a young lively fellow named Head tripped up to the local 7-11. He was armed with 2 fitty. His daily routine consisting of this... Work, sleep, type, sleep, work, drink, puke, shower. Twice a day this cycle ran. His trip to the 7-11 was a venture out into the "new". He was so very weary of his limp and wretched fleeting folly. He was bound for a Snickers and a red Slurpee.

He walked into the store beaming and proud with his 2 fitty held up high in his hand.

"I am on my way to fullfilling my dreams" he exclaimed. "Today I will change and make change!"

The store applauded.

He strutted majestically over to the churning machine of red and pulled a long tall chrome lever. Depositing red frozen pooh down into the deep plastic chal-ass.

A whiff and a smile crossed his face.

He placed the Snickers and the Slurpee on the counter and layed down his 2 fitty.

"Is that it?" the pimpley despondent clerk asked.

"That will be all, good fellow!" said Head.

Head took his change, gathered up his bounty and walked happily toward the door.

As he exited the store a wild-eyed, beautiful, bald-headed, brute made a b-line toward Head. With a bottle of something red.

"When an opposeable force meets an immovable object..."


"OH MY!" said Head "You've got your Serpis in my Slurpee!!!"

"I beg to differ" the mad mill monkey with the Chia pet eyes exclaimed "You got your Slurpee in MY SERPIS!!!"

They each stared at the slushy louchey that ensued and they smiled. "It's fate!" they cheered "Let's drink to our new and accidental discovery. We must alarm the world of this, this... "Slerpis"
"Oh yes"
"Oh dear"
"Oh my" titter titter, teehee hee...

Happily they passed out under the viaduct next to the abandoned depot.

Sometimes when you hear the whistle blow, there's a faint song in the air.

Slurpis, Slerpis
created in a crash
And when you're louched and ready
with Slurpis I'll get smashed"

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