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By Joalco on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 11:16 am: Edit

Done and done.... And I do mean done.

Thanks for the assistance.

Also, for anyone who's a fan of this genre of cinematic experimental music, I cannot recommend highly enough Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop)'s new project PHYLR. The first album, Contra La Puerta, is un-freaking-believable... Give it a spin if you get the chance...

By Verawench on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 08:06 am: Edit

check your email

By Joalco on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 08:01 am: Edit


I have a slow, slow, *painfully* slow connection, and so I've never bothered trying to download too much music. If I'm lucky, I can get a song in half an hour... If I'm unlucky, or the song is long, this damn thing could take an hour or more...

'Tis why I was never a Napster maniac while the site was up and running.

This damned Flintstones machine holds me back.

By Mr_Carfax on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 05:13 pm: Edit

While on the subject of avant-garde electronic/industrial soundscapes, Lustmord has done the background sounds for the website of an interesting digital artist...nice visuals


By Verawench on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 01:36 pm: Edit

Get yo azz on mIRC, go to channel #mp3_darkwave and do @locator Second Nature . Save yourself the $30.

By Joalco on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 09:42 am: Edit

All I can say is wow... I'd heard of this record years ago, but just finally got a copy this week, and I must say I'm very impressed. It's labeled as being "an instrumental experimental recording by the young gods." the record is an awesome mix of ambient textures, the odd industrial rhythm, and quite a few found sounds. Falls somewhere between minimalist, orchestral, and cinematic...

I hadn't even thought of the young gods in years, but this was quite a pleasant surprise. If you're a fan of experimental or electronic, check it out. (The disc's been out of print for a while, but it can be found very inexpensively at half.com)

Anyway, anybody else heard this before? Or the new YG material? They've got a 2000 disc on sale through their record label, but between the disc and shipping from France it runs about $30...


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