Historical Precedent for the Forum's Response to Newbie's Thujone Questions.

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By Wolfgang on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 06:32 am: Edit

I didn`t know where to put my review of Staroplzenecky but I think here is a nice place ;-)

I add the extraordinary luck to get my hand of the small ''collector`s bottle'' of Staroplzenecky for only 10 Can$ from a friend who went in the czech republic recently. Of course my luck was to pay only 10 $, not to drink it.

To increase this horrible experience, we had some hausgematche and segarra plus a great dinner with a fine Chateau Lynch-Bages 1995 first.

The only nice think about it is the bottle. It look artisanal and would be a very nice vessel for a good absinthe (picture in the buyer`s guide). Unfortunately, as soon as you open the wax sealed bottle, you can sniff the cheap rubbing alcohol smell. The color was blue-green. Neet, it was horrible. I couldn`t detect any anis taste or smell and wasn`t surprised when it didn`t louche. It was also unsweetened. It tasted like Scope, minty and bitter. We only had a sip or two. the rest of our glass went down the drain.

If the quality of the alcohol was better and if the useless 70% was reduced to around 40, it could be of some interest for those who don`t like the taste of anis at all. But well, anyway, maybe this is what they call absinth but this is not absinthe at all.

By Oxygenee on Sunday, January 13, 2002 - 01:50 am: Edit

I'm happy to be able to share with my fellow Forumites these rare photos of that great absintheur Toulouse Lautrec, photographed on the beach near the mouth of the Somme around 1900, graphically demonstrating his response to that oft asked question: Which absinthe has the most thujone?

Toulouse on the Beach
Toulouse on the Beach II

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