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By Raschied on Monday, January 21, 2002 - 09:44 am: Edit

Whew! I threw my first absinthe tasting party for a bunch of friends on Saturday night. None of them had ever tried it before, so I got to act as host for the evening, introduce them to the ritual, etc. It was fantastique!
I had on hand bottles of Serpis, Deva, and Sebor. The group was mixed in their preference - those of us who like the anise/licorice preferred the Serpis. Those who didn't liked the Sebor (which personally tasted like ditchwater from a toxic dump, but that's my opinion.)
We then spent the evening playing story games, body painting, singing, dancing, and just living. It was a little like having Burning Man in our own living room for several hours. We stayed up til the wee hours , and despite the sleep deprivation there weren't many side effects the next morning (except for the people who mainly drank the Sebor!)
Thanks to Kallisti for hosting this site - without it the party would never have been possible! We are planning another in a couple of months!

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