Paris Trip - The Belated Recovery

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By Petermarc on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 05:23 am: Edit

ted, happy to have you visit...

By Chevalier on Monday, January 21, 2002 - 11:45 am: Edit

The last time I was there, in February 1999, my viperous EX-girlfriend chuckled derisively as I ran into its most famous flea market, the Marché Aux Puces, and discovered that absinthe spoons and glasses were much easier to come by than I'd imagined. (Remember, this was when eBay offered little in the way of absinthe collectibles, and Mike Iavarone was just about the only seller on the Web. It all seemed so rare back then. For me, the "magic, myth and mystery" has long since worn off, replaced by an awe for what really was, is -- and will be.)

By Tabreaux on Monday, January 21, 2002 - 10:01 am: Edit

First of all, we wish to publicly thank Peter, Eric, and their wives for bestowing upon us the most gracious hospitality, without which our trip would certainly have not been as enjoyable as it was.

I could write a book about the several days’ worth of experiences in Paris, but I’ll keep it very short and sweet. Initially, I was hesitant about going, but I am now certainly glad I went. The interesting thing is that only following this weekend did I finally feel recovered from the jet-lag, which usually does not affect me to such a degree. I’ve been very busy since returning, which no doubt has aggravated the situation.

Nevertheless, we certainly enjoyed the full-day walking events, which are an absolute requirement if you are going to see this city. Aside from visiting the ‘must-sees’ of tourist spots (Arc d’Triomphe, Champ d’Elysees, Eiffel Tower, etc.), perhaps the nicest parts of the experience were in strolling through the more interesting older neighborhoods and more cozy parts of the city. We really enjoyed walking through the Latin Quarter, Montemarte, the flea market, and lesser-known ethnic neighborhoods. Were it not for Peter and Eric, we certainly could have wasted a good deal of time in fumbling around.

Personally speaking, I enjoyed the short time I spent in the tasting area of a respectable armagnac negociant (where I purchased some liquors of enviable vintages)….thanks Eric, the cozy neighborhood restaurant we visited the first night we arrived, the ‘les crepes exotique’ and the inexpensive fruity armagnac (?) I had in that little Montemarte restaurant and bar.

The most enjoyable activities however were at Peter’s place, where we had quite a bit of intoxicating conversation, positively divine eats, and a drink or two. I enjoyed meeting Benoit Noel, and equally enjoyed the colorful ‘Frenglish’ conversations we had, as well as enjoyed the discussions on the old absinthes and related topics that we engaged in until we were falling over from exhaustion. And fortunately, everything we snagged along the way made it back safely (which was a genuine concern).

Our sincerest thanks again to Eric, Peter, and their patient wives for putting up with us for several days. I think my system has finally recovered from overindulgence in the ‘French Trinity’ of cheese, bread, and wine.

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