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By Wolfgang on Monday, February 04, 2002 - 08:35 am: Edit

You tricked me! No joke, I was about to say #3 (because of the huge amonth of A.A.) but rejected this possibility because of the anis.

I took the last dose yesterday with 2 sugar cubes and it was nice (It's the first time I ever used 2 cubes).

By Aion on Sunday, February 03, 2002 - 10:24 pm: Edit

Actually it was #3.

There is a lot of green anise in it, but
you see what happens if one is lazy and
doesn´t grind that stuff fine enough.

There is not so much fennel in it, but it
I used brown fennel (sharper and bitterer
than the green one).

As this was one of the very early brews I made
(July 2001) I didn´t have A.pontica, so I
used A.vulgaris for colouring.
More bitter and not so aromatic, but for
the start if you don´t have Pontica
you can use it.


By Wolfgang on Friday, February 01, 2002 - 05:32 am: Edit

Ho, and by the way, I don't think the coloration is overdone in the sample I got. There's too much A.Pontica for my own taste but it's not overdone. He definitely know how to do it.

If he tells me what number it is, once I get some pontica, I will make a variation on the same theme with more anis, same quantity but "tamed" absinthium, less pontica and a bit of mint in the coloration.

We'r beginning to have fun !

By Wolfgang on Thursday, January 31, 2002 - 07:56 pm: Edit

Today is my lucky day. It`s my birthday and when I came back home I had two littles packages on my door step. One was a silver plated "les cuilleres" by Frenchman. I never saw such an heavy absinthe spoon! Very nice repro.

The other package was a little brown bottle...

I put it in this tread because that bottle comes from Aion.

Here's my very severe review.


Color : bright light green. great.

Sent : typical A.Pontica smell (I never used it but discovered it when tasting the Jade products and it's unmistakable). There's also a bit of the citrusy smell comming probably from an important use of melissa. There's only the slightest hint of overcooking (but it's ultra light, most people would not detect it because the pontica smell dominate so much).

Taste : Very bitter. Wormwood, lot's of wormwood. Lot's of Pontica and also some melissa. Anis way back in the background.

With 1:5 water and 1 sugar cube.

Light bodied but very flavorfull. Louche nicely (but less than the spanish of course )if you use a slow dripper. Texture is comparable to my #2. The taste of pontica is very pleasing. Even with sugar it's still bitter, maybe a little bit too much but not bad. Then again, there's almost no anis taste, just enough to make it louche. No star anis at all. Definite taste of fennel, he must be using much. Personally I prefer more anis but well, I like pastis so...

Now I think I will stop talking about the taste and write something about the effect... It's damn strong! 1 glass makes you feal all weird ;-). It's not that bitter for nothing! How boy!

Overall it's a very good absinthe. You dared me to discover which one it is? I guess it's a #11 (because of the high content of wormwood and melissa and very low anis), the same you sent to Vera. Am I right ? In fact I'm surprised to see it can louche so well with so little anis...

Congratulation and thanks for the sample. It's an honor and a great pleasure.

By Verawench on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 09:31 am: Edit


oh well.

By Larsbogart on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 09:22 am: Edit

you forgot to mention betty in your post.

By Artist on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 08:36 pm: Edit

Ah, old friend Head.

A friend on the forum,
who certainly won't bore 'em...

Lips...lips that keep on kissing...

and also part when they start pissing...

(extremely crass poetry...probably due to spice...)

By Head_Prosthesis on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 08:19 pm: Edit

Yep, I'm just big ole vagina watcher. I half expect to find porn in my Grampys stuff but damn if he didn't take care of it before he cut the preverbial "choagie". Nothing. Not a scrap of skin. Just old Texaco travel maps and tools up the ass (down there boys! We're talkin' Snap-on not strap on)

By Head_Prosthesis on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 07:58 pm: Edit

I love looking at vaginas. Even if they are grey and looking back at me.

Reminds me of the Navigator from Lynchy Bon Bons "DUNE".

Vaginas, the lips that keep on kissing.

Pucker up that puss, Daddy wants some sugar.

By Artist on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 06:18 pm: Edit

By the way Don, you must be much more up on pop culture than I am...

Never saw the 13th Warrior...

Never heard of Drummer...

And, what is La Migra?

Oh, and I put up a photo for you now (*grin*)...

By Artist on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 06:09 pm: Edit


If your last post was meant for me...

Thank you, I love you too. You are very handsome.

By Artemis on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 05:00 pm: Edit

Disclaimer: I'm not associated with the Jade project in any way.

Personally, as a labor of love (or love's bastard stepchild, obsession), I understand it. As a business venture, I think it borders on insanity. If what you want is to make money, the Hill's way is the way to go.

But having been around here a while, I remember the post about the Bangkok "coming out" party for Jade. That idea was scrapped because very few people had the means to travel to Thailand.
Instead, Ted Breaux hosted a gathering in New Orleans, at which the prospective Jade products were provided at no cost. Literally gallons were poured - I drank enough to kill the average person. There was food as well, not cheapass doritos and dip or anything, but nice food, elegantly presented. I forgot to eat any until the party was almost over and only crumbs were left, but that was my fault.

There were no gold absinthe spoons, but then New Orleans is not Thailand. There were some free souvenirs.

So, the Jade people are indeed quite generous, even though the event in Thailand never came off.

By Krinkov on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 04:08 pm: Edit

So it looks like I'm doing well considering I started at step 4 in the Various Stages in the Life of an Absinthe Drinker. Although I must admit I almost made the mistake of not ordering from SC and paying way too much for my first try.

By Don_Walsh on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 03:57 pm: Edit

Hey Ibn.

Loved you in 13th Warrior by the way.

No free Jade sample for you, cabron.

Nice photo on your profile. Didn't I see you on the cover of Drummer last summer? One of their ethnic specials?

You strongly resemble a LAPD forensics unit photograph of a driveby aftermath, some guy with an extra eye and an expression on his face like "Wha...?"

Anyway, see ya, and keep a sharp lookout for La Migra.

By Mr_Rabid on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 02:55 pm: Edit

Quit fucking whining :-)

Ted and Don are doing something neither one have done before, in a cliqueish business and in a country that has a large, very corrupt (from what I understand) governmental system.

With liquor. Which always involves governmental hassles no matter where you are.

But not just liquor- they aren't making Mad Dog 20/20 here. They are making something that ain't easy to make (even if you know the process, you still need materials that are not necessarily easy to get in high quality and quantity.)

It would be nice if everyone could have a sample, but that usually doesn't happen until a product is near the release date.

Otherwise the producers must listen to whining until that date ;-)

By Wolfgang on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 12:03 pm: Edit

Ho, Artist, in some way you'r right, it's just that we'r hearing this typical whining for more than a year now...

We should not ear what Don and Ted say as "official public relation blabla" unless it is stated that way. We are just lucky enough that they share their dream and some details on it's realisation with us as friends sometimes do.

On the day we will pour our first official bottle of Edouard, we will be glad to be one of the few peoples who have seen the birth of this new era in the history of absinthe.

Until then, there's other options.

By Wolfgang on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 11:47 am: Edit

hummm, usualy the last part of #8 happens way before...;-)

You also forgot the step where, completely bored of drinking expensive swill while whining at the lack of available Jade or vintage, our absinthe drinker find solace and knowledge in the hausgematcher path. Maybe that's #11.

By Petermarc on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 10:11 am: Edit

lol...well, at least you didn't add a 12th step, er stage...

By Verawench on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 09:47 am: Edit

Artist is not necessarily being an ass. He's just feeling deprived, like many of us who haven't had a chance to sample the Holy Grail of absinthe.

Various Stages in the Life of an Absinthe Drinker

1. Finds Absente / Hills in local liquor store/bar. Thinks it's his/her lucky day and this is some sort of miracle/lucky mistake on behalf of the store/bar owner.

2. Tries Absente / Hills. Waits for "effects". Instead, twitches violently for a while.

3. Finds Buys Czech swill. The twitching resumes, laced with anger at money ill-spent. Starts to wonder what the big fucking deal was with this absinth shit.

a. Finds forum. Finds Spirits Corner


b. Drinks an entire bottle of essential wormwood oil, dies an ugly death.

If a. then

5. Posts to forum for the first time. Is flamed.

6. Is flamed some more. Sobs and briefly considers drinking that left over Czech swill but the twitching resumes at mere sight of bottle.

7. a. Reads the forum some more. Orders Deva, NS and/or Serpis and Segarra. Thinks any of the above is the finest elixir in the world.
b. The flaming cause a complete mental breakdown and the person is heard from no more.

If a. then:

8. Tries to pen first absinthe-inspired literature; instead writes snobby product reviews which then - surprise - are posted to the forum. Has first nasty argument with Don Walsh.

9. Reads the forum some more. Gets excited about Jade. Whines for Jade. Learns a few real-life names of famous forumites.

10. a. Receives a sample or two of fine home brews. Orders la Bleue. Snobs SC almost entirely. Whines for Jade some more.


b. Receives a sample or two of fine home brews. Orders la Bleue. Starts treating SC like the lovable but half-witted child.

11. .....the future will tell.

By Artist on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 09:37 am: Edit

hee haw, hee haw...maybe just stuborn (as a mule)...

Sucessful business ventures need to be reliable. And in the event of problems they need to be responsive to their customer base and do everything they can to engender good faith...

When you go to a restaurant and you have reservations for a specific time, and you are unable to be seated within a couple of minutes (regardless of why) the restaurant will usually will comp you a drink...This is just good business sense.

By Timk on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 09:06 am: Edit

free - not likely
paid - possibly

By Wolfgang on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 08:47 am: Edit

Artist, don't take it too personal but sorry, you'r being an ass.

By Artist on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 08:24 am: Edit

and I am talking about a FREE first sample of Jade products due to the long (and maybe even longer) wait...

By Artist on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 08:22 am: Edit

OOPS, their original launch date was the second half of January 2001...



Well, since it seems the "Jade Liquors" people are quite generous (as can be evidenced by the quote below and
thread it came from...), it is reasonable to expect something in return for all the pain we have suffered while we
were (and are still) waiting, especially since their official launch date was the second half of January in the year

By Heiko on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 05:33 am: Edit

Almost every high-quality product is available in miniatures, right? Think of Macallan whisky for example.

In the end, the producer earns more money from miniatures plus the customer can try different brands at a very affordable price. I hope there'll be a "Jade miniature collection" with every four or five brands.

By Artist on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 12:21 am: Edit

Well, since it seems the "Jade Liquors" people are quite generous (as can be evidenced by the quote below and thread it came from...), it is reasonable to expect something in return for all the pain we have suffered while we were (and are still) waiting, especially since their official launch date was the second half of January in the year 2000.

Even if they were not quite generous, it is just good business sense to offer free samples...I have been to quite a number of events where free samples of new product being launched (and yes, this includes liquor) and the event Don described in his earlier post sounded like this (he went so far as to say gifts for all, no admission and open bar for Jade Liqueurs absinthes...).

The problem with an event as Don described (even though it sounds wonderful), is that not all of us can afford to fly to Bangkok. If they had a regional gathering in the Los Angeles area, I certainly would come to it (especially the one as described in Don's post below - it sounds quite nice)… However, if it's in Bangkok (or anywhere far away), I, for one, would much rather scrape up what I can and put that towards a purchase from JL (that is, if their product is as good as it is supposed to be...and I, for one, do not know, never having had the opportunity to try it).

Free variety mini-packs sound quite reasonable to me and if their product is as good as they claim it to be, they won't have to worry, people will buy it. Additionally, since they are now going to be offering 5 (that's five) varieties, it would be a great tool for the consumer to zero in on their favorite and not be frustrated buying a whole bottle of something they do not care for…

Now, here's the quote (and post it come from):


I will arrange for gifts for all guests. No admission charge. Open bar for Jade Liqueurs absinthes. Door prizes of JL absinthes, spoons or glasses, and a drawing for the grand prize of the evening: a JL solid 22K gold absinthe spoon. Not plated; solid 22K+ Thai gold. At least two troy oz. of gold. Ted and I have commissioned identical hand crafted gold spoons of the same pattern.

Jade Launch

By Artemis on Thursday, January 24, 2002 - 03:15 pm: Edit

The "variety pack" concept has been considered by the people who are apparently being discussed here, with what final result I don't know.

Trust me, they don't miss much.

Giving it away for nothing is asking a little too much, though.

By Wolfgang on Thursday, January 24, 2002 - 06:32 am: Edit

Mini bottles of about 100ml would also make a nice collectible. Few are wise enough to keep a scealed full bottle but keeping a mini is managable...

By Timk on Thursday, January 24, 2002 - 05:46 am: Edit

I must say that with a potential 5 launch products, it would make good sense to produce 1-2 dose sized miniatures of each of the varieties, so that people can both try out all the types and fix on a favourite or two without the expense of ordering a bottle and finding they didnt like that particular version. Also, miniatures make it easier for people to buy some as a present for someone, maybe to introduce them to absinthe, this would likely result in increased sales as you are effectively having paid samples distributed for you. I doubt anyone would even mind if you didnt piss around with miniature labels either.

By Artemis on Thursday, January 24, 2002 - 12:54 am: Edit

Aion, I'm humbled and honored to be counted among your friends. I hope I didn't go too far here, but I thought you deserved the recognition.

By Aion on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 11:45 pm: Edit

Artemis, my friend
The Jade venture is professional business,
and their products will hopefully available
to a wide public soon. I would luckily buy their
absinthes if these products would be available.
What I´m making is just for personal consumption
and will not be available anywhere at any time,
with exception of some samples as a gift for friends or as trade for other (hausgemacht) samples. And as I never had an absolute reference
to aim for, the honest opinion of friends is
very precious.

I wish some people would learn, that a few free
samples given to potential customers (= ALL the people on a certain mailing list) could do much more than words will be able to do, the costs would be acceptable imo.
This I had to say, please do not flame me.


By Artemis on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 10:35 pm: Edit

Well, since Aion publicly asked for the paving of a highway to his door that he's likely to get now, I can spill some beans I've been holding back.

Regulars here have seen the product Vera describes (or one of its siblings). That magnificent green potion in the window, later louched on top of the piano, of which I posted photos some time late last year, was in fact of Aion's creation.

It does benefit from sugar. The deep green (too deep, many would say) goes hand in hand with the intense herbal flavor. Some would say this is a coloring step overdone, but it's really a matter of taste. Personally, I like that intensity; I think I mentioned "Where the Wild Things Are" in my review - that was Aion's stuff.

"I haven't tried Jade. So I will say that this was the best absinthe the wench has ever consumed."

I've tried both. Both are enviable experiences. Jade is a Rolls Royce. Aion is a Dodge Viper. Vera's a lucky wench. I'm a lucky Grinch.

By Aion on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 10:04 pm: Edit

I´m glad you liked it.

There is no sage in it,
this taste comes from (a bit
too much) A.pontica in the
coloring step.
All plants containing T.
(A.absinthum, A.pontica, Salvia officinalis,
Tanacetum vulgare) have vatiations of
that taste.

email me your address please


By Verawench on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 09:18 pm: Edit

Aion, my review:

I will speak first about the "charm" of Aion's creation. A glass each between a friend and myself and we were hopelessly giddy. My feet were an inch above ground. A brief bliss of being submerged and suspended in luke warm water.

Very first absinthe I had to use sugar in. The color was that of a deep forest in the summer.

IT SMELLED INCREDIBLY FAMILIAR - contribute that to my childhood of herb consumption but I couldn't get my nose out of that little brown bottle. Sage, salvia, wormwood and - wow - no anis. Barely did it surface in the smelling of a well-louched glass, and then just slightly in the tasting. Aion's brew was absolutely unlike any other brand, commercial or otherwise.

I haven't tried Jade. So I will say that this was the best absinthe the wench has ever consumed.

By Aion on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 09:05 pm: Edit

already have ordered the special
first edition on their label´s
mailorder shop. Awaiting it every day.
Great stuff, but I like Helium Vola (or QNTAL)
even more, love that medieval style.
Thank a lot for the offer.

By Verawench on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 11:20 am: Edit

Send me an email.

By Wolfgang on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 10:13 am: Edit

Where where where ? !!!

By Verawench on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 09:23 am: Edit

BTW, hon, want a promo download of the new Deine Lakaien album? It's to die for...

By Verawench on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 09:21 am: Edit

Just cause I didn't like it doesn't mean it's not gone.

And Aion, I'm still thinking...

By Wolfgang on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 07:31 am: Edit

Aion & Vera ; No! no email, post it here instead!

By Wolfgang on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 07:27 am: Edit

She will probably put it aside and when she will finally open it again in a month or so (because of a lack of Serpis) she will slowly begin to like it...

By Heiko on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 12:36 am: Edit

Segarra is still the only commercial brand that has the taste of real absinthe.
Take 1/3 less water than with the others, use sugar with it and you'll be less disappointed.

But what do I say? I felt exactly the same when I first opened and tasted Segarra. Boveresse changed my taste somehow (every La Bleue and other fine stuff I tasted had this note of "Segarra" somehow, btw. the other way round). Then, the other stuff suddenly tasted "sharp" and chemical in comparison

By Aion on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 11:10 pm: Edit

I´m still curious to know what
you think about one certain homemade,
please email me.

By Verawench on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 08:39 pm: Edit

I'm finally getting around to this although it's been about a month since I've tried Segarra.

Gasp! The Wench has only now sampled the forum's favourite (according to Wolf's survey) commercial brand? The shit's expensive and I've been saving for that black jaguar.

I can't honestly call it a disappointment. Any absinthe, if it's drinkable and helps me into that "special place", is just fine and dandy by me.

Opened, Segarra smelled strongly - too strongly - of brandy - obvious without any knowledge of its origins. After a glass of NS 70 and an earlier sampling of some fine home-made nectars, Segarra was thin and one-faceted. Ugly neat and louched. My expectations were set higher, I suppose, and midway through the evening I was thickening it with NS.

So I'm trying to figure out the appeal: my guess is that there is a certain "mildness" to Segarra which makes it an easy swill.

Anyway, not worth the money, IMHO.

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