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By Don_Walsh on Thursday, January 24, 2002 - 06:36 am: Edit

As far as I know, light only affects the chlorophyll if any, and otherwise, assuming we are talking about indirect sunlight and normal incandescent and fluorescent residential lighting -- this should have no effect.

Almost no commercial absinthes (save ours) bother with chlorophyllic coloring -- a misnomer anyway -- and any proper absinthe is in a dark bottle. There are simple ways to test the 'natural' coloring with sunlight; if it is dyes it won't go brown, if it is chlorophyll it will.

By Wolfgang on Thursday, January 24, 2002 - 05:05 am: Edit

Well, my "own private stash" consist of a bottle of an almost undrinkable #1 and a nice looking but overcooked #4... ;-) The sad reality is someone makes mistakes when learning... And when he's distracted at the end of a batch...

Next one will be better for sure (I tasted #4 at the middle of the batch, uncolored, it was fantastic. Damn it!)

By Krinkov on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 11:23 pm: Edit

I have seen some mention of light, I was wondering if anyone knows/believes it has any effect on Absinthe in any way...oh and I am becoming increasingly interested in these home brews. I was thinking maybe (since I am so close) I might drive to Montreal and steal Wolf's private stash :)

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