Pontarlier export?

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By Zman7 on Saturday, January 26, 2002 - 05:37 pm: Edit

Didn't Pernod manufacture absinthe in Tarragona, Spain until the 1950's? It may be that or a Spanish brand?

By Petermarc on Saturday, January 26, 2002 - 04:31 pm: Edit

keyword 'export' as in export only, like la fée, now...may be the case...there are also odd stories about absinthe becoming legal again in france in the 1930's, but then being shut down by the nazis...still have not been able to confirm this...looking forward to seeing the scans...

By Mr_Carfax on Saturday, January 26, 2002 - 03:53 pm: Edit

I finally took a (long overdue) trip yesterday to an antique dealer in Sydney who specialises in food and drink related items and he had a nice little collection of absinthe collectables- some topettes, spoons, a number of glasses- some marked for dose, a couple of reservior styles, a few others which could have been coffee glasses -

I'm still green when it comes absinthe paraphenalia so I held off on any purchases until I am feeling confident about what I'm buying and what I'm paying (the best reservior glass looked much like the "Pontarlier" glass on Frenchmans old site -$500 AUS- opinion?)

He was one of the main suppliers for absinthe props for the filming of Moulin Rouge. Apparantly the normal practice was for the studio to buy the stock, and then sell it back to the dealers first before putting it to auction- however, because they had to reshoot a number of scenes, most of the stock they bought off him ended up going back to LA.

Anyway- despite his absinthe stock items, he isn't a big expert on things absinthe, so he mentioned some documentation he obtained from a Pontarlier distillery- receipts for export shipments of absinthe dated in the 1930's. I quizzed him as to whether he meant pastis, and he said, no, it definitely stated absinthe.

He didn't have them on hand at the time, but I'm going to see if I can get him to scan the reciepts for me.

In the absence of any proof at this stage, is there any other explanation for this other than him being wrong?

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