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By Wanderingmind on Thursday, February 14, 2002 - 08:14 am: Edit

I will admit, I was seriously skeptical of this guy, but he came through in 5 days. His prices are upper end, but for someone with limited source availibilty and whom wants to try an excellent Suisse product, he is worth it. I paid 160.00 for his Suisse Superior, a liter bottle of course. It has an exquisite taste, nice and herbally balanced with just enough anise on the top end to round out the taste. The enire box reeked of this sweet herbal essence and thought maybe the bottle had broke, but it was just the absinthe reeking through the box. It is a pale yellow, green with more of a lighter geen hue than as much yellow and it has a THICK and beautiful louche. Now I am no expert, but this stuff is FAR superior to any Spanish you will drink, no question. Anyway, for someone like me, with limited source availibility and who wanted to try a better product than your typical Spanish fare and go domestically as well, this guy is pretty damn reliable. I mean 5 days is not a long wait. He prepared my order the day I ordered it and I will order from him again. His e-mail is doc1030@netzero.net
Ask him for his price list with pics and description.

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