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By Petdekatkrewe on Monday, February 18, 2002 - 10:47 am: Edit

Hi all,

I have been occasionally lurking for about a year, this is my first post. Thanks to all for the fine information and opinions.

I am hoping that someone may be able to help with a challenge that I have:

I live in Central Illinois, and attend the New Orleans Jazz Fest every year. A group (10-20) of us meet down there, reunion style. Last year I brought down 2 bottles ( Deva & MM), for my own enjoyment and to give anyone interested a little taste. Well, it turned out to be the biggest thing since crawfish bread among this bunch, and now I have gained the unenviable title of The Absinthe Guy.

Anyway, I began considering how the hell I was going to get a bunch of bottles down to NO, particularly with the current airport paranoia, when it occurred to me, why not have SC ship my order directly to NO and avoid the airline transportation hassle. Rather brilliant.

Now I just need a NO “Ship To” address. Someone trustworthy. Someone stable. Someone thirsty. Someone just like a forum Brother or Sister.


If you live in the NO area and might consider serving as my shipping address, please post back to this thread, or directly to me at, or during business hours CST toll-free 1-866-827-6968 ask for Roger). You would naturally be expected to party with us as our guest, and you might find that you enjoy these people, once you get past their hideous deformities.

Peace & Justice,

PetDKatKrewe, aka
Dirty Rog, aka
NormalRog, aka
Dirty Rog Kat

p.s. – if anyone else is coming in for NOJF (1st weekend) , let me know and we will try to hook-up…

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