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By Wolfgang on Sunday, March 24, 2002 - 04:52 pm: Edit

Those who make their own absinthe usualy don't do it for the cost efficiency (it is never cost efficient to lovely craft an artistic, authentic product). Those who do it do it because authentic absinthes are not commercially available.

Of course, you will need to taste a good and authentic absinthe before thinking of doing your own. You would need a reference.

Anyway, it won't be cost efficient.

Good luck.

By Aion on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 09:20 pm: Edit

And I forgot to mention:

The costs for the ingredients for
one liter of homemade absinthe are
much higher than buying a bottle of

The (costs for) 5-6 hours of working
time on a small scale still NOT counted.

By Aion on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 09:11 pm: Edit


There are several individuals here
living in Australia, I´m sure
they can help you to find sources
for the commercial brands (Carfax, Midas, ..).

There are also several individuals
here, who know someone who makes
homebrewed absinthe ;-) Enough said.

Before even thinking of making
your own absinthe you´ll have
to try some of the better commercial
brand, Segarra for example.

And just sit down and read the earlier posts
as many as possible, a lot of answers
can be found here.

If you are looking for recipies check out:

But remember, distilling is dangerous and
also forbidden in your country.


By Xoncm6 on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 08:51 pm: Edit

Ok. I spose that's fair enough.

At least now I know. Thanks.

By Head_Prosthesis on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 08:38 pm: Edit

One Problem...

First Rule of Fight Club is...

By Xoncm6 on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 08:35 pm: Edit

P.S. I know plenty of mad scientists, so the distilling is no problem...they just know nothing about wormwood and its potential to be nasty.

By Xoncm6 on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 08:33 pm: Edit

I've done my best to read as much of this forum thingo as possible so as not to cover already heavily trodden ground, but there's only so much i can manage so....

Is there anyone out there in fairy land who has made their own Absinthe??? I mean the proper distilled stuff. I am considering doing this because i cannot afford to buy this bloody stuff over the net and i'm yet to find an Australian distributor. There is one bar in Melbourne that sells the crappiest bluest looking absinthe that you would never care to see.

My concern is this: Most of the herb stores i have spoken to say that wormwood is DODGY as can be and that distilling Absinthe is even more DODGY. If anyone has any usefiul information or, in fact, any dire warnings, could they please let me know.

I'm going crazy here, without Absinthe.
Want the Absinthe...must have.

Again apologies if you've already scolded people for asking dumb questions like my own.

By Wolfgang on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 08:20 pm: Edit

*insert proud smile here*

Thanks for this very clever review.

By Petermarc on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 02:33 am: Edit

moonman-i'd say you got the 'good hausgemachting seal of approval'...

By Aion on Thursday, March 21, 2002 - 12:35 am: Edit

Yesterday the package with
the 2 samples of hausgemacht
made by the moonman arrived.
Long way from Canada to old Europe.
Many thanks!

1.) Old Lady Version #5a 66%

Neat, very strong green anise,
pontica (or maybe tansy or sage??)
and angelica scent, taste is very smooth,
powdery and floral.

Diluted with water 1:5, without sugar,
very strong louche, taste again very smooth
and balanced, the secret herb (lavander)
is well integrated and not overpowering imo.
Undertones of Angelica seeds, very pleasant.
Only traces of wormwood, no bitterness at all.

With sugar (one small lump) added the texture
became much creamier, but the balance of taste
changed to an almost too sweet direction, and
the star anise (though only used in a small
quantity) popped up and became dominant.
Much better without sugar imo, and this is
meant as a very big compliment.

2.) Premium Version #5b 68%

Neat, anise scent as #5a but fresher
and less floral / herbal, taste is
cleaner, there is something like lemon
or rather orange, that I could not find
in the other version (maybe it was masked
by the lavander).

Diluted, without sugar, the taste was a
bit cleaner, the texture very slightly creamier.
Again this hint of orange. Very nice, you
did an almost perfect job.

Did not try it with sugar added.

Both versions are very good, I liked
the #5b version slightly better, but the
Old Lady version had its own special character
and I´m sure some would prefer this one.

By Wolfgang on Saturday, March 09, 2002 - 09:16 am: Edit

Hey you dirty monkeys ! Let her dip her lovely forked tongue in peace.

By Verawench on Friday, March 08, 2002 - 05:47 pm: Edit

Some people can't appreciate the finer things in life.

By Hopester on Friday, March 08, 2002 - 05:44 pm: Edit

if you're gonna dip your tongue into some "or", it might as well be served up in a dainty crystal goblet. otherwise, it just isn't worth the effort.

By Baz on Friday, March 08, 2002 - 07:05 am: Edit

they're talking about dipping their tongues into dainty crystal goblets full of "or"

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