Mike Ivarone MIA?

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By Etienne on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 06:49 pm: Edit


"That" didn't work. Here...


By Etienne on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 06:43 pm: Edit

Mike still maintains an "about me" page on eBay, under the name Absinthe2. He has an e-mail address and some info on what happened with his site. Try this...

Absinthe2 About Me

By Chrysippvs on Sunday, March 10, 2002 - 11:01 am: Edit

Has anyone heard from Mike? His site went down a few months ago, then his forum, and no response from his old e-mail. I know he has the poster website, but didn't respond to that e-mail either.

Any of the old school forumites know where he went?

- J

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