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By Verdigris_Harpy on Friday, March 15, 2002 - 07:25 am: Edit

Since it is time to talk about Easter,here is
a true story of the life and death of another
King.From another list.By the screetching
one herself.....PS V is not me,but a friend....

No No.

It's worse.

Al Greenwood is'nt the Mattress King.

Al Greenwood ruled the Bedspread Kingdom in Longbeach!

This is what comes of watching too much cable...

You have been neglecting your 3 AM feedings of crappy programming on local L.A T.V channels.

A.L Greenwood was the very wiry ,wizened ,spooky
looking old dude who sold reams and reams of bizzarely patterened,outmoded bedspreads,comforters,drapes,and children's
sheets,and used his own family,in particular
his cute grand children,to peddle his
uholy bedware.

He actually wore an enormous ,very red,"ermine" lined cape he was lost in,and a funny looking ,"Midieaval Times" crown, that nearly slid down over his head and down around his dear,skinny little neck as he shouted.."Come visit my Kingdom!!"

.......From his *throne!!!

As V had mentioned,his Kingdom was a warehouse Six Blocks Long in a very murky part of Long Beach..V said he ruled over all hookers in the neigborhood....

Apparently,it was "a beautiful day in the neigorhood" everyday for Al Greenwood,The Bedspread King..

He was dearly loved,and will be dearly missed..

I will miss his smile on my late night screen..

Dear Al,"you lit up my life,and filled my nights
and filled my days with song......"

Weeping into my Lion King sheets
and my faux ermine lined purple
satine bead spread.......

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