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By Admin on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 - 06:24 pm: Edit

A taste I did awhile ago but neglected to post. I received a teensy cutey bottled sample of vintage berger absinthe from a very beeeyoootiful person. Please forgive my trance writing review:

the first whiff is surprisingly potent, sharp and anisey. by the third whiff a strong artemisia waft that is thick and comforting. without water the alcohol percentage is very high! it burns, and is very heating, almost so much so that it has a cinnamon effect. a touch of water (I am working with a very small sample) and the waft is mellowing and the perfume of hyssop pervades. the anise is not so strong as an initial whiff would have you think, strong hyssop & melissa and the sharp artemisia on the sides of the tongue but not strongly bitter, but present. but aside from the numb tongue, you'd hardly notice the anise, it is so balanced with the other herbs. very bright & vibrant, flavors and layers are distinct and knowable. I would almost say muscley. There is no comparison with any of the currently available commercial brands that I have on my shelf that even come close to its potency and almost florid quality.

oh, and Julian Cope is HAWT.

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