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The Fée Verte Absinthe Forum - The Oldest, Largest, Most Authoritative Absinthe Forum. _ The Entrance Hall _ Why the Fee Verte Forum?

Posted by: Oxygenee Apr 19 2010, 08:32 PM

This forum remains true to the ideals developed here by Kallisti in the late 1990's. It exists entirely and solely for the enjoyment of its members, especially those who've contributed here from the earliest days, most of whom I consider personal friends. After 11 years, it's effectively self-governing, so very little admin input is needed. We warmly welcome new members, but we don't pamper them, or mollycoddle them. The requirements for membership are an inquiring mind, the ability to spell correctly and write grammatically, nothing more. We value in our members, in order of increasing importance: intelligence, wit, generosity of spirit. We will mock mercilessly the dull, the priggish and the pompous. We have the best and brightest minds in the absinthe renaissance contributing here - indeed, this site is the Haight Ashbury of the absinthe renaissance, this is Ground Zero, this is where it all began. There's arguably more in depth knowledge and experience in every aspect of absinthe here than anywhere else on earth. We welcome controversial, even outrageous opinions, we thrive on passionately argued discord, and we adore carefully crafted ad hominem insults. We particularly feel that the topics of art, philosophy, religion, politics, morality and sex are entirely appropriate for an online absinthe bar, which is what this forum is. We feel excessive politeness, orderliness, uptightness and central control are the antithesis of everything absinthe should stand for, so we actively discourage them here.

This forum is a remarkable place. The contribution to the absinthe renaissance of founder members like Kallisti, Artemis, Ted Breaux and Pierreverte is incalculable, and still poorly appreciated. Brands have been created, companies established, books written and distilleries founded as a direct consequence of this forum. Marriages (and divorces) have happened because of the forum. People have changed their professions, moved city, moved country, crossed seas and continents as a result of this forum. I consider it an honour that Kallisti entrusted it to me.

So that's who we are, and what we do. As long as I am the custodian of this place it's not going to change. A percentage of absinthe aficionados will love it here, and a probably larger percentage won't. Tant pis.

Posted by: Provenance Apr 19 2010, 08:39 PM

Why the Fee Verte Forum? res ipsa loquitur

Posted by: Absomphe Apr 19 2010, 10:21 PM

QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Apr 19 2010, 01:32 PM) *

Tant pis.

Nor xit, neither.

This place is the Absinthe revival Ur, and that's immutable. LARS!.gif

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