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Posted by: Oxygenee Nov 5 2006, 09:48 PM
(Posts are in reverse order. Read from the bottom up.)

Posted by: Donnie Darko Nov 6 2006, 03:54 AM

Thanks for posting that.

I used to take the WTC PATH train from Jersey City just like The Nephilim, but by September I had moved to Hoboken, so on that day I took the PATH train to 23rd street instead, and watched the whole thing unfold in real time from 23rd street and 6th Ave, a safer distance than Nephilim, with a very clear view of everything, starting with the 2nd plane hitting about 5 minutes after I got off the train and stood agape along with everyone else.

Not much to be said about the events beyond what was already said in the thread. We know what happened then and we know what has happened since then.

I will say though that I miss Blackjack as much as Don.

Don was right about many things, but in that thread he was dead wrong about this:


NO ONE can call this a war against Islam, when MOST of the Islamic world is siding or will side with the US, and if there is a jihad it will be a jihad against bin Laden and the Taliban.

Where did we go wrong? If we could have kept the Islamic world on our side, things would be dramatically different for the US right now.

I liked his suggestion that we do a special ops invasion of Afghanistan instead of a full scale ground force occupation though. And nowhere did he suggest we topple Iraq. He advocated "pre-emption" but didn't say pre-emption meant full-scale invasion. When a Hawk like Don is advocating a more moderate approach than our President, you know we've gone down the wrong path.

Every time I think about 911, the thing that upsets me most is the opportunity and good will of the world that was squandered. Iranians were lighting candles in the streets of Tehran for America for chrissakes! It upsets me horrendously that 3000 innocent murdered people were used as political footballs to rally support for one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in the history of this country. It makes me want to vomit how the RNC exploited NYC's and America's loss during their convention, invoking 911 again and again to manufacture consent for self-serving short-sighted policies which had little if anything to do with 911. Many of those policies have violated our own freedoms, as Blackjack predicted.

I have little confidence in the Democrats and their flaccid lack of a coherent agenda to improve the situation, but all I can hope for is that on Tuesday the sleaze that exploited 911 for political gain is summarily fired.

Posted by: Jaded Prol Nov 6 2006, 11:43 AM

Well said Donnie. I feel the same way. Such a tragedy. The cynicism it took to use it for political expediency defies words. The WTC attack was a crime of historic proportions but this administration's use of it makes it very small by comparison. They are monsters.

Posted by: bob_chong Nov 19 2006, 06:00 AM

It's interesting to think that the forum was the first time some had heard of the attacks.

Posted by: bob_chong Sep 12 2008, 12:20 AM

The radio today had a lot of "what were you doing when" stuff. Reminded me of this place.

My wife was stuck at school that day, as it was the standardized testing day, and she had no idea what had happened. I tried calling and calling, to no avail. If her school wasn't 45 miles from our house, I would have gone and gotten her. I also remember noticing no planes for a few days. It was odd. One jackass flew in his Cessna that Friday and was surrounded by a pair of fighter jets. I remember looking up and wondering how much that guy must've shit his pants seeing the jets. Turns out, he was some dentist going to visit his daughter in another town.

I also remember going to Wrigley Field to see a postponed Cubs game about 10 days later, when baseball finally resumed. There was a fundraiser in the mezzanine--former Cubs selling team hats with a flag on the side, all money going to 9/11 stuff. They would sign the hats, too. I met Mr. Cub that day, Steve Stone, Andy Pafko. Wish it had been under better circumstances. They handed out small flags to all in attendance. There was a special pregame presentation of the fire, police honor guards--flags, bagpipes, the whole nine. Finally, the game got underway. In the top of the first, when the Cubs took the field, Sammy Sosa raced out to right field carrying a flag. And in the bottom of the first, when he hit a home run, first base coach and HoFer Billy Williams handed him a flag as he rounded first. Sosa held the flag high and hung his head low as he ran around the basepaths.

I guess everyone has stories like this. What happened…where they were…and how different the world was.

Posted by: Donnie Darko Sep 12 2008, 03:10 AM

That's cool Sammy did that. Say what you want about the guy, he appreciates being in this country a lot.

I watched the Yankee game on TV, it was pretty emotional with all the fire fighters there as honorary guests. My boss watched it up at his regular pub up on 78th street. At that Irish pub, every bar stool was kept empty for the game, because most of the firefighters who frequented that bar wouldn't be coming back again.

Posted by: Doctor Love Sep 12 2008, 03:40 AM

Will never forget that morning…said a lot of f bombs, in disbelief, in sadness, in anger…

My enduring hope is 9/11 will be a solidifying event for free people around the world to remember and join together despite our differences to stand against this type of madness.

Posted by: Green Baron Sep 12 2008, 07:36 AM

Agreed completely with your 2006 post Donnie. What a fucking waste of "soft-power" that had almost unlimited potential, only to turn into an utter cluster fuck.

At the same time, your 2008 post today was extremely poignant. You and Bob are articulating things better than I could, so just cheers!, and seconded to you sirs.

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