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Posted by: Oxygenee Mar 5 2005, 07:00 AM

We have completely revamped the Fee Verte Absinthe Buyers Guide.

A key feature of the new Buyers Guide is the use of a structured evaluation scoresheet, giving a final rating on a 100 points scale.

All absinthes, regardless of origin, color or method of manufacture are scored according to exactly the same criteria.

Upholding the tradition of Swedish neutrality, Hartsmar, I'm delighted to say, has agreed to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the new Buyers Guide. He'll be responsible for collating and evaluating the reviews received, for producing a league table of the highest rated absinthes, and for the general administration of the Guide.

All Fee Verte members, even very new ones, are encouraged to submit reviews.

New reviews for absinthes already rated should be posted directly in the appropriate thread here. Reviews for absinthes not yet rated should be posted in the "Newly rated absinthes" thread.

You cannot open new threads in this section of the Forum. To preserve the utility and integrity of the Buyers Guide, please ONLY POST REVIEWS HERE OR SPECIFIC COMMENTS ON THE TASTING NOTES. Irrelevant or extraneous comments will be edited or deleted entirely by Hartsmar or the moderators.

If you prefer your review to appear anonymously, please PM it to either Hartsmar or myself, and we'll post it on your behalf.

This is a collective project - anyone can submit a scoresheet. One of the advantages of the system is that it provides a framework for even a novice to meaningfully rate a particular absinthe.

The aim is for the Buyers Guide scores to reflect a consensus position, based on many scoresheets, rather than just the judgement of a handful of experts. The more we receive, from all classes of tasters, the more accurate and meaningful the overall results will be.

The cumulative score given to each rated absinthe will generally be the average of the scoresheets received. For instance if three reviewers rank the Jade Nouvelle Orléans, at 78, 83 and 92 points respectively, then the cumulative score would be 84. In rare cases Hartsmar might exclude a particular scoresheet if it seems completely out of line with the broad consensus: eg if a particular absinthe attracts ratings in the 60 to 80 range, with an average of 70 points, he might exclude a scoresheet giving it 30 points, or 99 points. The reason for this is not to distort the average score with ratings that are frivolous, or obviously motivated by a personal agenda.

So please, don't hold back. Evaluate the new Jade Edouard (and of course Tuivel's Montmartre, and the spate of new La Bleues, and Phil's latest offerings, and whatever else you are drinking) in terms of the new scoresheet. Post the results!

A copy of the Fee Verte Absinthe Evaluation System, can be downloaded here:

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Posted by: Oxygenee Apr 23 2005, 07:56 PM

A further clariification:

The Buyers Guide Forum is designed, unlike the rest of the Forum, specifically for reference purposes. So the idea is to have one thread for each product reviewed, and to reserve these threads specifically for formal reviews, or direct comments on specific reviews. By all means post directly in these threads, if you're going to add an additional review, or of you have a specific comment on a review already posted.

If you have a review for a new absinthe, that doesn't yet have its own thread, post it in the Newly Rated Absinthes thread. Hartsmar will do the necessary editing, and move it if appropriate.

If you want to share a witty comment, make a general remark, attempt to get a rise out of Hartsmar, or just shoot the breeze, please use the General Review Discussion thread.

Posted by: Oxygenee Nov 4 2006, 02:26 PM

I'd like to thank the three remarkable individuals who've worked so hard to get the Guide up and running:

Kallisti first and foremost, who conceptualised, designed, set up and created the interface and database structure for the Guide. Without her skills and hard work, it simply wouldn't exist.

Artemis, who helped format and annotate the initial reviews, and who served as the first Editor of the Guide. He remains Editor Emeritus, and a moderator of this section of the Forum.

Hartsmar, our Editor in Chief, for all his ongoing work in updating, annotating and editing the guide, and for the design of the Review Tool, which makes formatting a review correctly child's play.

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