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> Scoresheets please!
post Mar 2 2005, 01:47 PM
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I've noticed several comments here along the lines of "I'm too new/inexperienced to rate it properly, but this is what I think of the new Jade Edouard".

Nonsense! Anyone can submit a scoresheet. One of the advantages of the system is that it provides a framework for even a novice to meaningfully rate a particular absinthe.

The aim is for the Buyers Guide scores to reflect a consensus position, based on many scoresheets, rather than just the judgement of a handful of experts.

You can post your scoresheet results online here on the Forum, or you can email them to me. I can keep your evaluation entirely anonymous if you prefer. The more I receive, from all classes of tasters, the more accurate and meaningful the overall results will be.

So please, don't hold back. Evaluate the new Jade Edouard (and of course Tuivel's Montmartre, and the spate of new La Bleues, and Phil's latest offerings, and whatever else you are drinking) in terms of the new scoresheet. Post the results here. Alternatively email them directly to me.

As soon as we start to build up a meaningful database of results, I'll start to post a regular league table of the highest scoring absinthes. At the moment only two have been properly rated:

Jade Nouvelle Orleans:84
La Fee: 63

If you haven't already downloaded it, here is the full scoresheet:

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Attached File  Fee_Verte_Absinthe_Evaluation_System.pdf ( 114.42k ) Number of downloads: 1512

-------------------- c’est l’absinthe enfin, la grande absinthe ou la petite, parure chaste des montagnes et des rivages marins, fille des grand vents purs, blé des espaces vierges, emblème de la liberté farouche.
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