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> Scoring system and personal preference, to do it?
post Feb 17 2006, 04:26 PM
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Clint Wormwood

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In the last couple of weeks I have had several reviews updated, sent to me, and moved around the forum. One thing that strikes me, and most noticable was the latest review on the Montmartre - which I removed.

The scoring system is based on an unbiased view which only takes into consideration the quality of the absinthe and preferrably not ones personal preference.

It is very easy to give lower scores to an abisnthe that doesn't appeal to you but that is not what the scoring system is about. If there are flaws in process, artifical color, bad color, no louche etc - those are things to lower a score. If there's something in the taste that one doesn't like - say, anise or fennel or coriander or what ever, that shouldn't lower a score per se since that is actually nothing wrong with the absinthe itself.

An absinthe can however be out of balance and be too heavy on star anise or something which would lend a lower score.

There are a megalozillion parameters that could be taken into consideration of course but personal preference shouldn't be one.

The score sheet that got me thinking about this was one that had an average of 30 points lower than other reviews on the same product. Where is the error? The product at hand is by no means flawed, which was why I figured it to be more of a personal taste thing.

So, what - you can't have a personal taste? Yes you can and of course your personal taste will play a part in the review, that can never be excluded and it shouldn't. It's a fine line to walk but a well made product can not get extremely low points because it used some herbs that someone didn't like. There is the possibility to add a personal note to the review where you are more than welcome to add comments like this but I don't think it should be taken into the scores too much.

Then, why do some absinthe get awfully low scores?
For a number of reasons. Method of manufacture, coloring methods, actual color being off, no louche, it's named Hill's etc.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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