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> The Chosen™. Do you have what it takes?
post Nov 6 2006, 08:41 AM
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At crippling personal expense, I've just ordered a bottle of Absinthe King of Spirits Gold.

On arrival of the bottle here, I propose to make up ten sample bottles. These will be sent absolutely free of charge, by airmail, to a panel of 10 Fee Verte members for tasting and evaluation.

To join the panel, to become one of this select and exclusive group (hereafter referred to as "The Chosen™"), you must fulfill all 5 of these conditions:

1. PM me with your full name, email and postal address.
2. Have submitted at least 5 reviews to the Buyers Guide, by the closing date for applications.
3. Agree in writing that on receipt of your sample you will retain it untouched until 8.00pm GMT on Sunday, December 10th 2006.
4. At exactly 8.00pm GMT on that day you will taste and evaluate your sample.
5. Within ONE HOUR of tasting - ie, before 9.00pm GMT, you will submit a fully completed Buyers Guide scoresheet to Hartsmar, with your evaluation of the product.

The closing date for applications is November 20th, 2006

1. In the event of more than 10 qualified applications being received, priority will be give to those who've submitted the most reviews to the Buyers Guide.
2. Anyone who receives a sample, and then doesn't comply with items 4 and 5 above, will be publicly named and shamed here on the forum.

Lines are now open. Do you have what it takes to become one of The Chosen™?

-------------------- c’est l’absinthe enfin, la grande absinthe ou la petite, parure chaste des montagnes et des rivages marins, fille des grand vents purs, blé des espaces vierges, emblème de la liberté farouche.
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