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> The "La Fee Verte" philosophy
post Mar 12 2008, 06:25 PM
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Pre-ban minutiae guy

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Edited from a recent exchange in the General Absinthe Discussion sub-forum, here for the benefit of newcomers is an outline of my philosophy as site-owner and admin:

Forum traffic is growing at the fastest rate it ever has, approaching 200 000 visits per month. New members join every day. We expect new members to have read the registration conditions, to have read the FAQ, to have browsed a little through the past threads, to introduce themselves briefly, and to write reasonably correct and grammatical English, unless they are non-native speakers. That's it. If you feel that that's setting the bar too high, I'm not going to lose any sleep about it.

As for the general tone here: it's an absinthe forum, with all that entails: an online 21st century version of the cafes that Verlaine and Toulouse Lautrec frequented in the 1890's. Robust debate is good. Humour, wit and sarcasm all have their place. If you voice controversial opinions, you're going to need to be able to defend them. If you act idiotically, you'll be laughed at. We value intelligence, knowledge and wit more than politeness for its own sake. I think that's appropriate for the drink and its ethos. Some of the best and brightest minds in the absinthe world post here, and have done so for going on eleven years now.

I bought the forum a few years ago not to for business reasons, but to help out a friend, who was starting to find the whole thing unmanageable. I've tried to run it in the same spirit she did. We don't charge for membership. We don't charge for events we occasionally organize. We don't sell subscriptions. We don't sell advertising. We don't edit posts. Our buyers guide - by far the largest and most comprehensive anywhere - is absolutely impartial, and doesn't necessarily even include all the specific absinthes my company sells. There are discrete links to some of my commercial absinthe sites, but also to many rival vendors. I don't use the forum at all to promote my own business or products, except in the very rare occasions where something is of very general interest, like a big pre-ban absinthe cache. Fee Verte isn't a business, it's a trust I inherited from Kallisti, who created it all. It's run for the benefit of the members, and on my watch it always will be.

-------------------- c’est l’absinthe enfin, la grande absinthe ou la petite, parure chaste des montagnes et des rivages marins, fille des grand vents purs, blé des espaces vierges, emblème de la liberté farouche.
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