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What's the word on the Christopher Bataille novel Absinthe? Any relation to postmodern badboy Georges Bataille? The translator is the Poetry Editor for The Paris Review, so I know quite a bit about him. Any reviews? comments?

An enjoyable read but a little short; something like 60 pages, if I remember correctly. I'd give you more details but the last time I read that novel was quite a while ago.
QUOTE (ripperbard @ May 19 2004, 09:53 PM)
What's the word on the Christopher Bataille novel Absinthe?  Any relation to postmodern badboy Georges Bataille?

A nice read in which the narrator sticks to the idea of absinthe as a potion with extraordinary properties. It is remarkable that gentian appears to be the main ingredient.

AFAIK the author is not related to Georges Bataille.
Never read it. Only read about it. From what I've heard, the author doesn't know that much about absinthe.

Hi, Helfrich - welcome. abs-cheers.gif

QUOTE (Gertz @ Jul 8 2004, 03:32 PM)

Hi, Helfrich - welcome.  abs-cheers.gif


Kind of. Half French though Dutch-speaking and living in The Netherlands. (BTW the prosecution of two licensed victuallers has finally put the ancient absinthe law under discussion in this country.)
I just read this book. It was an interesting read. i like how the story wraps around a distiler in a mysterious wizard-like fashion. Plus the story moves backward in forward in time a lot. I ended the book thinking I should read it again to understand it better.

I have to say it it told so matter-of-factly in the first person. One may not realize it is fiction if it did not say so on the cover. It did go overboard on the effects, but then again who knows what else was in that brew.

Also, I have never heard of absinthe laced suger cubes. I would like to know more about this concept. There was just a few mentions of the spoon ritual.
Wild Bill Turkey
I thought it was a fun afternoon's read, that created an almost dreamlike mood, so that I almost felt a little drunk after reading it.

Like Helfrich said last year, the weird thing is that it makes it seem like gentiane is the primary component of absinthe! Why would somebody who obviously knew at least a lot about the roots and culture of absinthe, if not the actual distilling of it, be so wildly wrong about something so basic?
I was a little thrown by the flower reference. I did not really get a since of its use as a primary ingredient, but as a notable ingredient. I did get mention of the wormwood component which was really the unspoken ingredient.

i wondered if the extreme sinsations experienced in the book were somehow a factor of the poison flower instead of the absinthe. There was much mystery wrapped around the distiller Jose and his most unsantitary process with countless unknown ingredients. I made me think about the article on this site about the wormwood not being the cause of madness, but the unknown other additions to the brews.
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