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Full Version: pre ban quality
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I was looking at some posts here and found some really interesting information on vintage and pre ban absinthe. I saw the one post that had a link into the old forum about vintage quality. My question is, alright you know how now we have different types of absinthe, great, good, bad, Czech. Now if we were to travel 100 years later would someone be paying the eqivalent to our $1,000 for a bottle of Sebor or Hills because it waas vintage and old? I hope I am not making this too complicated it's like did they have equivalants to crap absinthe back than like we have now? And are those vintage bottles selling because they are vintage and does the price vary from mre comon vintage absinthe? I really hope this isn't too confusing for you all.
The Green Hour

There is a lot of Info. about pre-ban Absinthe out there. Two good sources are Bernard Conrads "Absinthe: History in a Bottle," and "Absinthe: A Myth Always Green."

I haven't gone through the referance material at this Site, or for awhile, but they probably talk about the 'low quality' pre-ban Brands too.

In the little bit of reading that i've done, I know that there were brands that not only tasted bad, but could also poison you.

They added toxic ingredients (zinc sulfate?), as artificial coloring. So, even if I was 'richer than god' and could afford to buy lots of pre-ban Absinthe: I wouldn't buy and drink a Bottle just because it was "vintage."

Hopefully, that answers the "did they have equivalents to crap absinthe back then like we have now" part of your question.

I don't know what they'd be worth on the Market now. Would they have value as a Collectors Item?

It's also difficult to predict what Absinthes will be valuable in a hundred years. Who knows what the Market will be like then?

Though if I had an unopened bottle of Emile Gentaine lying around the House, I might put it into storage. Since, they are discontinuing the line, and it was an unusual Absinthe.
To a large extent, they ARE fetching the prices that they do, simply because they are vintage, or pre-ban (antique).

Absinthe, like every other commodity on this planet, is subject to the law of supply and demand. Many bottles of pre-ban absinthe have aged wonderfully, actually benefiting from the long, slow oxidation they have undergone, turning to a rich, scotchy brown color, undiluted. Diluted, they tend to be a rich, sandy-yellow color, exhibit a velvety body, and beautiful herbal balance...IF they happen to have been a top-drawer brand to begin with...

This does not necessarily mean that EVERY bottle of pre-ban absinthe will survive equally well...however, the price of the particular bottle will have NOTHING to do with how it might taste, but simply the mystique of owning a fin de siecle absinthe, which happen to be quite rare.
Lord Stanley
I would suspect that most of the vintage absinthe that still exists would be the higher quality variety simply because somebody bothered to save it. The poisonous, cheap shit was probably consumed quickly by folks that didn't have the money or inclination to properly store absinthe with the hope that it would someday by considered vintage.

For example, most people nowadays aren't stocking their wine cellars with $3 bottles of White Zinfandel from the grocery store.
Shit, I guess I'd better dump those bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 then...
You beat me to it.
You mean I should drink that stash of store brand wine?
I think the moral of the story is, "Drink the good expensive stuff, it ain't gonna be worth a hill of nickels 100 year from now. Save the shitty stuff, it ain't gonna last long, and those who buy it will drink it quick!"

Hmm, gotta bottle of Huguet, Pergan, Pernod, Montana 68, Versinthe Blanche, .....

100 years from now I am gonna be a MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE (badger @ May 28 2004, 08:05 PM)
did they have equivalants to crap absinthe back than like we have now?

About half way down the page, look for the subheading: "Which were the best quality absinthes?"
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