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Full Version: Hey ya
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So I got a pitch from a music club in the mail - buy one, get some free. Outkast was in the brochure. So I went looking on the Internet. I found the Hey ya video and watched it. Four times.

If there's someone more talented working in music today, I'd like to know who it is. Damn. I'm stunned.
Oh yeah! But they did another jam on an earlier
album, B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)

Pop up free reprint of lyrics.


Verse 1:
Inslumnational Underground.
Thunder pounds,
when I stomp the ground.(Wooh)
Like a million elephants,
or silver back
you can't stop the train.
Who wants some?
Don't come unprepared.
I'll be there,
but when I leave there.
Better be a household name.
The weatherman tellin' us
it ain't gon' rain.
So now we sittin in a droptop,
soaking wet.
In a silk suit trying
not to sweat.
Hittin' somersaults with-
out the net.
But this'll be the that we
wont forget.
Anno Domini,
anything goes!
Be what you want to be,
long as you know
are given for liv-
ing the fence is,
too high to jump in jail.
Too low to dig,
I might just touch hell.
Get a life,
now they on sale.
Then I might cast you a spell.
Look at what came in the mail,
a scale and some Arm & Hammer.
Soul gold grill, and a baby mamma.
Black Cadillac and a pack of pampers.
Stack of questions,
with no answers.
Cure for cancer,
cure for AIDS.
Make a nigga want to stay on tour for days.
Get back home,
thangs are wrong.
Well not
really it was bad all along.
Before your left adds up to a
ball of power.
Thoughts at a thousand miles per hour.
Hello, ghetto,
let your brain breathe.
Believe there's always mo'

Don't pull the thang out,
unless you plan to bang.
(Bombs over Baghdad, yeah!)
Don't even bang,
unless you plan to hit something.
(Bombs over Baghdad, yeah!)
[Repeat x2]

Uno, dos, tres,
it's on.
Did you ever think a pimp
rock a microphone?
Like that there boy,
and we still stay street.
Big things happen every time we meet.
Like a track team, crack fiend,
dying to geek.
OutKast bumpin up and down the street.
Slant back Cadillac,
about five niggaz deep.
Seventy-five MC's,
freestyling to the beat.
'Cause we get crunk,
stay drunk at the club.
Should've bought an ounce,
but you copped a dub.
Should've held back,
but you threw the punch.
Supposed to meet your girl,
but you packed a lunch.
No D, to the U to the G for you.
Got a son on the way,
by the name of Bamboo.
Got a little baby girl,
four years, Jordan.
Never turned my back on my kids
for them.
Should've hit it, quit it, rag top.
Before you RE up,
get a laptop.
Make a buisiness for yourself, boy,
set some goals.
Make a fat diamond out of dusty coals.
Record number four,
but we on the road.
Hold up, slow up, stop, control.
Like Janet, Planet Stankonia's,
on ya.
Moving like Floyd,
comin' straight to Florida.
Lock all your windows,
then block the corridors.
Pullin off my belt,
'cause a whippings in order.
I'd like a three-piece fish,
before I cut your daughter.
Yo quiero Taco Bell,
then I hit the border.
Piti pat rappers trying to get the five.
I'm a microphone fiend,
tryin to stay alive.
When you come to ATL,
boy you better not hide.
'Cause the Dungeon Family gon' ride,


Break Down:
Bob your head, rag top.
[Repeat x16]

Power music, electric revival.
[Repeat x23]

Lord Stanley
Surprising that you just discovered that song now. It's been pretty much played to death over the past year.

Nonetheless, you're right. I first heard it performed live by Andre from Outkast on Letterman a while back. I thought it was the most original thing put out on a major label in years. His performance was great too.
Surprising that you just discovered that song now. It's been pretty much played to death over the past year.

Played to death by whom?

I don't have a TV.

I haven't had access to a TV since April of last year except for brief periods of several days at a time.

I have a radio, but where I spend 99% of my time, there are several country stations and one dinosaur rock station - no station that would play anything such as Outkast. And I don't listen to any radio but "talk" radio anyway. Mostly extreme right-wing Nazi radio, the kind that fuels the vast right-wing conspiracy.

I listen to Internet radio, but only to one channel, and that's a Punk and New Wave channel that also plays Frank Zappa - a very satisfying mix.

I (almost) never buy CDs, thus my child-like (or Nazi-like depending upon how well you know me) interest in the flyer from the music club.
I like that video too. Everytime it comes on I have to stop to watch it.

gun thug.gif
Lord Stanley
QUOTE (Artemis @ Jun 5 2004, 09:01 AM)
Played to death by whom?

Played to death by all the media that you don't access. Not that I could blame you for avoiding MTV and Top 40 radio but every so often something worthwhile comes along. Outkast seemed to be performing that song on just about every variety or awards show that I happened upon last year.

I think Hey Ya won a few Grammys for Outkast and the Rolling SBONE poll for Single of the Year.
When you fire up Windows media player, it takes you (if you let it) to a Microsoft web page with various things such as music, videos, etc. On that page was a link to "Hey ya" which led me to believe it was something new. That was only yesterday; that was my introduction to it. I was familiar with Outkast from that "Whole World Loves it When You Sing the Blues" video from last year, but that's about it.
Outkast is indeed one of the great performers of our time.
QUOTE (Artemis @ Jun 5 2004, 05:01 AM)
I (almost) never buy CDs, thus my child-like (or Nazi-like depending upon how well you know me) interest in the flyer from the music club.

I'm probably alone in saying I somehow found that really adorable...

Yep Artemis mes ami, unfortunately that song, as excellent as it is, has been played to death. And while I also find Andre 3000 excellent (his name has a freakin' THREETHOUSAND in it man, how can you go wrong with that?!?), I'm so afraid that his music and his style - and all the attention it's getting - will stop being unique and usher in a whole string of copycat wanna-be artists in the next year or so. Much like Jack White and The White Stripes did 2 yrs ago. viking_emoticon.gif

Still, don't mind me being bitter on this. The video is just excellent, and the song immensely catchy (and the rest of the album is equally great). When I see those go-go gals dancing around in their equestrian gear I just can't help but shake it like a Polaroid picture myself.
Yep, it's a great song. But has been played to death. I remember when I got that album the day it came out. Andre's been getting more and more progressive with each album, and I been an outkast fan since Players Ball. But when I heard Andre's album, I was like "Damn, this dude done lost his mind" It's some of the craziest hip-hop I ever heard, but it grows on you, quick. Hey ya ain't even the best song on there. My fav used to be "Roses" but now they starting to play that to death.
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