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Full Version: Phish and Jay-Z Collabo
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I'd really like to hear Phish play Big Pimpin

This article is just for you Touch-Money

Daily Hip-Hop News:
Jay-Z Rocks w/Phish
Monday - June 21, 2004
by Rich Rock

Jay-Z showed his versatility on Friday night when he did a surprise rock/rap jam session in Brooklyn with Phish.

Phish fans at Keyspan Park near Coney Island got an extra treat when Marcy Project's own Jay-Z took the stage to perform two of his hits with the jam band. With Phish providing the musical accompaniment, Jay-Z ran through the guitar-laced "99 Problems" and the crowd favorite, "Big Pimpin."

Phish, known for hits like "Tweezer" and "Down with Disease" was putting on its final NY performance before the band splits for good this summer.

Jay-Z, who announced his retirement with his Black Album last year, is rumored to be launching another record label and will appear at the BET Awards this June.

Is Touch-Monkey a Phish phan too?

Or Jay-Z fan?

I too am a phan of Phish, so much so I'll be one of the 80,000 or so seeing them in their final concert in Vermont.
Collabo - Aren't those the monkeys with the red noses?
Phish. I'm tired of them.
I would hang out @ Nectars in the mid/late 80's. There was this really cool jazz/fusion/Jam band. I bought their CD and brought it back to college with me. No one else would listen to it...

I used to like their music. Then they became like the dead. All about the money. Phuck 'em.

The whole area goes nutty when they're in town, or when Pork Tornado plays locally. "Dude I heard Trey's in town..."
Get a life.

Don't worry, it won't be their final tour. You know why? MONEY and GREED!
What is it with this JAM band shit!?!?! that GD / Jam band stuff ......I just don't get it. What's the big deal, playing jazz chords and looking bored? That's not rock to me. I think hippie's should take the brown acid Sugar.gif and then drink the Jim Jones kool aid! You want a jam band listen to Clutch. tank you hairy much. evill.gif
Phish? Country Joe And The Fish? Oh yeah , they are cool.
I guess there was only so long, they could please her with a tweezer...

That's gotta hurt.
I like Fish.
But does it like you? harhar.gif
On a somewhat related note, I was watching the Bittersweet Motel DVD the other day and noticed what looks like a bottle of Hills in the background in what I think is a clip from backstage in Prague '97...

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