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Full Version: Wassup Limp Dicks?
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Thought I would pop in to see if you bunch of dysfucntional ass-weasles were still hanging around, rubbing each other’s dicks. You sure didn’t dissapoint me. Ya know, I realized the other day, that this must be all you people have. Absinthe, this board, and each other. How tragically pathetic.

MrsBlabmophe: I love to read your posts. They always strike a certain rhythm. I believe it would be called idiot pentameter. I would be willing to bet a bottle of Jade that you have your significant other shave your back twice a week, you knuckle dragging alley whore.

Blabsmophe and Conju: I got the biggest kick out of watching you two frantically throw around innocuous computer jargon in an attempt to give the impression you actually know something about computers. The fact of the matter is, no one in the I.T. world respects Linux because it is not as robust and dynamic as any of the big three, HPUX, AIX, or Solaris. We tried to use Linux for two spam filters and they choked and shit themselves the first day. Abosolutely worthless crap. Linux is for I.T. wannabes such as yourselves. If your resumes came across my desk, I would laugh and chuck them in the shit can where they belong. Also, GUI’s were made for lusers such as yourself to keep you from hurthing yourselves or the system. You would never make it at the commandline where the real admins play, so go back to playing doom in your mommy and daddy’s basement.

Gerbal_kraze: Don’t really have anything much to say to you except get some balls and backbone. Quit worrying about whether or not you will be kicked out of the Mouseketeer club.

last but not least…..

Jack-off: I thought it was really funny how you buttoned your lip when push came to shove and let the other fight your battle for you. What a delicate and soft creature you must be. Ya know, if you ever go to prison, you would make a wonder prison bitch. Well, at least you would finally get fucked.

See ya later ass-clowns!!! harhar.gif
Well, that was pleasantly childish, now wasn't it?
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