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Full Version: Victorian Photographs of the Dead
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If anyone has seen the movie "The Others," Nicole Kidman finds a photograph album, from the 19th century. The entire album is filled with pictures of the dead dressed up and posed in chairs or on beds.

I've found the odd one of these on eBay for ~225 US. Anyone know another source?
I've always prefered photos of people while they were still alive.
Yes, but pictures of people still alive remind of the fact that these people are still alive.
If it's movie props you're referring to and asking for, I know universal had links from their website to auctions on movie props from their productions. Atleast they did a year or so ago. I bought some stuff there then.

Don't know anything else.
Many of the inbred mutant ninja piglets that live around me still take pictures of their dead loved ones. They love to show them to guests.Some carry snapshots of corpses in their wallet or purse.
Taking pictures of the dead was a very popular Victorian neurosis.

I'm sure eBay could fill the bill, as a source, Brett.
I've seen mummified rats up for auction, so I'm sure photos of dead people would be no problem.

I've seen dead people...

Posing for pics, like regular people...

About 30-35 years ago Rolling Stone's Straight Arrow Press published a book called Wisconsin Death Trip which contained photos of dead people much like what's already been described here.

Here's a link.

This sounds about like what you are lookin for.

Taking pictures of the dead was a very popular Victorian neurosis.

That's kind of harsh. You have to remember a couple of things to put it in perspective. The mortality rate, especially among infants, was much, much higher than today. And photographs were expensive and hard to come by. People didn't have personal cameras and dozens and dozens of snapshots of their children. A death photo was usually the only evidence that your child had existed.

If you want to see some really freaky Victorian beliefs on display, you should also seek out "Spirit Photographs" and "Ectoplasm Photographs".
I see your point, but most of the photos of the dead I've seen, were NOT of babies. There was simply a Victorian obsession with death, from memento mori jewelry (particularly hair jewelry), to the aforementioned ectoplasmic, and spirit photographs...I've bought and sold many such articles over the last 17 years, as an antiques dealer.

I think it all goes back to Queen Vic's inconsolability, after Albert's death, which turned her into a rancorous, fat old cow, who took her misery out on the rest of the English speaking world.
I think it all goes back to Queen Vic's inconsolability, after Albert's death

I think it just had to do with the high mortality rate of everybody at that time. Each person's life was constantly punctuated with the death of others.

I just mention the baby pictures because they have more resonance and empathy today, but the same holds true for adults: given the rarity of photographs among common folk, it seems natural that most people would only have their picture taken at the last possible chance. I've always suspected, too, that it must have seemed odd to people in that day to fix your image at a certain time in your life rather than at the time of your death, your ultimate goal.
Each person's life was constantly punctuated with the death of others.

I live, now, along the very same street that I grew up on; two houses down from my childhood home and three houses down from my estranged grandfather's. For a few brief spells I've bounced around, but ultimately a good job brought me back.

Wild winds have their chance to throw crowded things into disarray by their own whimsical interval - but heavy rains and thunder-claps are somewhat of a rarity here. There must have been too many sunny days in a row, as a fierce storm rolled through about a week ago. For no real reason, save the aleatory combination of age, dampened earth and strong winds, an old pine tree blew over...right smack-dab on the truck of a perpetual neighbor. Timing is a motherfucker. Perhaps a few more millimeters of mercury, or just three feet more of conditioned parking space...

You see, the owner of the truck - a veteran oilfield roughnecker - had just come off a two year engagement. His fiancee wrecked his plans, and mother nature, as he may very well have seen it, dealt him in parallel. Who knows.

I stepped out this morning, with my son strapped to my head, and walked over to meet my father. He just bought a house in another part of town, and for the first time in thirty some-odd years, he'll have a different veiw from his patio.

The canceled pine tree was gone, as was the truck, and apparently, the old roughneck.

His ancient parents had shown up to recover a trunk's space worth of his things. My son and I sat down on the curb and I watched them. Dad spotted us, and took a moment to pick on my boy while he talked to me. Last night, the old roughneck sat down in his living room and shot himself in his head.
Pleasant dreams to you too, Grimster.
Well, I was lucky enough to get a photo recently...

Has nothing to do with the neighbor.
I'm a human, too, damnit! biggrin.gif
Cherish that photo, Grim...

Long lost twin, BTW?
HA! Actually, I'm his lovechild. abs-cheers.gif
I thought you looked like a CHIP off the old block!
He wasn't around much, but he was wise.
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