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Raschied Britannica
Okay, after 20 years, we've finally got an ending to the saga. King finally finished it with the release of Book 7 this month. But, did we get the ending we deserved?


I'm personally disappointed with Book 7, and I really tried to keep my expectations low. However, this book hit new lows in how to wrap up a series.

All the major villians are weak. Mordred comes off like some kind of Moorcock reject. I'm trudging along. I'm a'hungry. Whaah. The Crimson King is taken out by a character introduced in the last 200 pages?! What The Fuck? That's the climactic battle at the foot of the Tower?! Why not have King (the author) give him a heart attack. Reminded me of a fucking scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "Until suddenly, the Animator had a fatal heart attack! The cartoon peril was vanquished!"

The Tower, long described as the lynchpin of the Multiverse, has nothing in it but a museum exhibition of Roland's past failures? It's also described as being HUGE, yet Roland only climbs 20-30 floors before he reaches the top. Hmmmm.

I did kind of agree with what he should find at the top, but I felt that King missed the point. Roland isn't reliving the past again - he's living a new version of similar events on another level of THE ONE TRUE TOWER. For his quest is to reclaim the tower on all versions of reality, all worlds, before he can rest. I think this is where King is going when he shows that Roland has the Horn of Eld this time, but he instead fails to show that Roland has made any progress. He makes the whole series seem futile instead, and that really destroys any recommendation I can make for the series. frusty.gif

Some things I liked:

1. The description of where Roland's guns came from.
2. The Breakers.
3. The Clown/vampire dude near the end.
4. Roland's meeting in NYC with The TET corporation.

Anyway, I'd like to hear other reader's thoughts. Please discuss.
I agree with the final battle comment, but if it had been writ otherwise, it wouldn't be the story of the dark tower. He said it himself, the journey is in the story, not the ending.

There are many questions however that were brought up at the end. What of the keystone world? If roland had to start all over, then wouldn't time also flow backwards in the keystone world.
Raschied Britannica
Yeah, that's just it - King had the opportunity to give the series a sense of SCALE - Roland doesn't go back in the past - he's sucked into another level of the tower, with a different "keystone world." Instead, (I think) he missed the point.

Here's how I was thinking of it - Imagine a jigsaw puzzle with a million pieces. Once you complete it, and see what it is you've completed, you discover that what you've been working on all this time is one piece in a much larger million-piece puzzle. THAT'S what makes Roland scream NO. All that work, and it's only another small piece in an endless journey.

Of course, each piece is a little different... Maybe next time it'll be done, or the next, or the next...
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