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Full Version: Un Emile Gentiane
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D. Gray
I was looking through the different Un Emile reviews on Hartsmars site and stumbled upon the Gentiane. I remember reading about it when I was completely new to absinthe but I never gave it much thought.

The review got me interested and I tried to look it up at Liquers de France, but without any luck.

What has happened to it? Has it been discontinued; and if so, for what reason?
On a cause it was bitttter.
Looks like mine might be gaining value.
Damn...the Sapin and the Gentiane? At least I have a few glasses of the Gentiane left!
Last I saw, they're still stocking the Sapin.

I liked the Gentiane quite a bit, but apparently not enough people felt that way for them to keep making it.

Don't I recall something about it being a pain in the ass for the Pernots to produce it, because of the gentiane stinking everything up?
Yes, I see they are still stocking the Sapin. Wonder why I thought they weren't?
Yup. The Gentiane is discontinued. Too bad, but I guess there wasn't much demand for it...

If anyone happens to have some to spare, I'd be glad to take care of it...
I have probably 3 - 4 glasses left of the Gentiane that I will save for a very special occasion. I've had this stuff for almost a year, and I think the next time I have it will probably be Christmas or New Years.
They're using the "You can't have any" method of generating interest in the Gentiane again.

This also works well if you buy your own amusement park and don't let anybody in. Then they all want to come in.

gun thug.gif
>They're using the "You can't have any" method of generating interest in the Gentiane again.

always a conspiracy theory...

As I recall, it did have a touch of that "grassy knoll" flavor. wink.gif
I had a sip of it for the first time about a week and a half ago. It was quite nice, but had to compete with some far more spectacular stuff on that occasion.
always a conspiracy theory...

They seem to be an American right.

The unmentionedmendment to the Constitution.

Evil bitterness absinthe mafia!
I still want some though...

Everyone knows there's no such thing as the absinthe mafia. wacko.gif
D. Gray
QUOTE (rjordan @ Oct 18 2004, 03:48 PM)
They're using the "You can't have any" method of generating interest in the Gentiane again.


I can see why. It works...

Now I really want to taste it frusty.gif
I've got about half a bottle of the Gentiane left that was donated for the first DCLF, it was the only item, besides the Chechz Absith Original that no one wanted take home samples of.

I've also got my first bottle of Jade NO on the way after a several month hiatus from ordering.

Perhaps Ill have a 3 way taste test with the remnants of my first run Fougerolles this week end.
Jack Batemaster
If I want some Gentiane, I'll mix some White Fairy™ up with some Moxie™. I haven't done this, so apparently I'm not interested in the Gentiane.

No absinthe mafia.

Biggest absinthe myth ever.

I still want more of the Gentiane...
I've got 2 bottles.
I have a couple of bottles in my archives.

Along with a few other interesting items.
I'll bet you do .
I'd gladly pay you with a grille
next Tuesday
for a bottle of absinthe today.
If you don't want to wake up one morning with your mouth stuffed full of raw wormwood, shut up about the absinthe mafia! O-Bomb.gif

Seriously, I had a bottle of Un Emile Gentian. It was alright, but I have no interest in ordering another.

Lord Stanley
I have a couple ounces left in my original bottle of UE Gentiane. It tastes good enough that I didn't regret ordering the bottle but not good enough to warrant another bottle apparently. Now I hate to drink what little I have left because it's not available anymore.

Maybe mixing the regular UE with some Pontiane liqueur would approximate the taste of UE Gentiane. Just don't hold me to that statement.
I have about 4oz left.
From what I remember my impressions were..

Hmm, tastes good, pretty nice... graaarp... gasp... bitter!
It kinda sneaks up on you.
QUOTE (MrGreenGenes @ Oct 19 2004, 01:38 PM)
but I have no interest in ordering another.

...and you can't...
grey boy
QUOTE (Icarus @ Oct 20 2004, 01:55 AM)
From what I remember my impressions were..

Hmm, tastes good, pretty nice... graaarp... gasp... bitter!
It kinda sneaks up on you.

Going back to the single life then?

You funny pussy
Better watch out, GB...

Considering your species, that's foreplay, coming from Hartsmar. shock.gif
grey boy
ruh roh!
I hated the Gentaine, but I am glad they are still carrying the sapin. That was always my favorite from LdF.

Gent was... funky(?) to me? I just thought it tasted bad.

There it is for thread resurection !

I tasted a tiny glass out of the small sample bottle of Emile Gentiane I still have… This must be 4-5 years old now.

As an absinthe, it's really weak with a very faint louche but if you judge it for its own merit, I must say this spirit really improved over the years. Maybe it is the same thing for gentiane liquor.

I would advise them to run another batch with at least twice as much anis and fennel and it would be perfect (after proper aging of course).

That was an interesting tasting.

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